The Hopper and Joey From Dish

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Apr 14, 2014

SatelliteWhether you like it or not, the television market is constantly changing. Cable and satellite providers are scrambling to retain their current customers. With companies such as Netflix or Hulu taking over part of the market, cable and satellite companies are doing whatever it takes to create a better experience for the consumer.

Specifically in the satellite world, Dish has upped the ante with their new HD DVR called The Hopper. Here is what you need to know about The Hopper.

The Hopper

It’s been a while since a new version of a DVR has been introduced to us. Dish is now offering a new whole-home HD DVR called The Hopper. The Hopper lets you record, pause, and rewind live television from any room. The primary reason consumers are raving about this device is that it allows you to watch commercial free television, which is ultimately the main selling point.

The Hopper has 2TB of internal storage, as well as an available port if you would like to expand your storage space with an external hard drive. If you’re like me and demand more storage, this eSATA port is definitely a bonus. Double Ethernet ports, your regular red, yellow, and white video/audio ports, component HD outputs, HDMI, 3 USB ports, and a digital audio output port are the other standard input/outputs that are included on the device.

The Hopper uses three tuners simultaneously to record your programming. You can use one tuner to record your primetime shows on the major networks and the other two turners can be used to record programming on the other networks. Overall, you can record up to six channels at once. This flexibility is perfect for those families that like to watch multiple shows at the same time on different networks.

The first Hopper is included in your service, however each additional Hopper will run you $12.00 extra each month.


Your DVR is also accessible to all of the other TVs in your house by way of the Joey. The Hopper requires a Joey in each additional room to stream the recorded content to each room. It is small and light in weight if you are planning on stashing this box out of sight. The Joey only has regular audio/video ports instead of the HD component ports which are available on the Hopper. However, HDMI, digital audio, Ethernet and one USB port is available, keeping this device nice and compact. The Joey costs an extra $7.00 each per month.

Super Joey

If your family enjoys recording multiple programs at the same time, then they will love this new device. The Super Joey has the ability to record 8 channels at the same time. By adding two built-in tuners to this device, paring the Super Joey with The Hopper allows you to record and view more programming than you ever thought possible. Those days when the whole family fought over what programing to record and watch are now officially over.

Virtual Joey

Televisions and video game consoles that are produced today are now incorporating apps onto the home screens or dashboards of these electronic devices. The Virtual Joey is an app that will allow you to tap into your Hopper without the any other extra wiring. This Joey will stream all your content through your existing home network, without a physical box being connected to your actual TV.

If you’re interested in ordering The Hopper for Dish, or if you want to see a comparison of the television providers in your area, please visit

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