The best tech gifts for Dad

Joe Supan

Jun 15, 2020 — 3 min read

What do you get for the man who has it all? Here are the best tech gifts for Dad that are sure to please any father this Father's Day.

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Dads may not admit it, but they enjoy a good tech gift just as much as a quality pair of socks, maybe more. Here are 5 tech gifts sure to blow Dad’s socks off this holiday season.

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Thermapen food thermometer

The way to his heart is through the grill

Dad likely doesn’t need any more confidence on the grill, but you can give it to him anyway with the Thermapen food thermometer. Serious Eats called it “the undisputed heavyweight champion of thermometers,” and it’s not hard to see why. The Thermapen gives accurate readings in °C or °F in a matter of seconds, and the auto-rotating display ensures Dad can get an accurate reading from any angle. And with a 3,000-hour battery life, it’s good for more than a few backyard barbeques.


For gameday and his favorite shows and movies

Smart TVs are a hot item on anyone’s list and LG makes the very best according to Consumer Reports, Wirecutter and Available in 55”-77,” the B9 features superb sound and picture quality, plus built-in apps including Google Assistant and Alexa. Dad is sure to love his new 4K TV so much that you may have a hard time getting him to come out of his man cave!

GoPro Hero8 Black

Capture every family moment in 4K resolution

GoPro revolutionized how we take pictures and videos in every setting, and Wirecutter calls its newest model “the raddest action camera ever made.” The Hero8 takes on-the-move video a step further with the ability to record in 4K at 60 frames-per-second with a 1,000 Mbps bit-rate. It also takes 12-megapixel photos and lets you live-stream video straight to Facebook. 

Despite all that powerful tech, this camera is incredibly easy to use — perfect for capturing precious moments at family gatherings, soccer games and vacations. It’s also great for creating a video record of the family over the years. Accessorize with head or chest straps, hat clips, helmet brackets and more to give Dad hands-free recording power.

Nebula Home Theater Portable Projector

Because he’ll always want to look at the “big picture”

Watching videos and streaming TV on a cellphone is convenient, but there’s only so much sound and picture quality a 6” phone can deliver. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Nebula Home Theater Portable Projector is capable of exploding Dad’s phone display to a 30- to 150-inch picture with 720p resolution. It also features a 10W audio driver for cinematic stereo sound. Get this for Dad and it will be the first thing he packs for the family camping trip.

Tile Pro Tracker

So he never loses his keys again

For the dad who holds up every family outing while he looks for his keys, the Tile Pro Tracker will make sure he never misplaces anything again. Just attach the small Bluetooth tile and you can find the exact location of the missing item on your phone — or just ask your Alexa or Google Assistant. Also available in a smaller sticker form.

Fitbit Charge 3

A versatile fitness tracker for every activity — naps included

Wirecutter’s pick for the best fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a low-profile, reasonably priced device that still delivers on all of the necessities, including consistent step counting and distance tracking, a built-in display, and a user-friendly app. It’s simple to use, comfortable to wear and refreshingly low-maintenance.

Of course, Dad will need a reliable internet connection to take advantage of his new tech toys. For more information on getting the most out of your internet, bookmark our Resource Center and follow our experts on Facebook and Twitter.

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