Thank You Alexander Graham Bell

In March of 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone. The world of communication had changed forever, and it continues to be ever-evolving. 60% of the world’s population now has a cell phone. Thanks to video calls, a phone call can now mean much more than just a voice at the other end of the line. People can see one another and talk from across the world through computers and smart phones. The telephone, as Alexander Graham Bell created it, now seems a very distant relative to these modern conveniences.

Your landline phone may also become a thing of the past as there are options for Internet access without a phone line: satellite and cable TV, wireless, and ‘standalone or dry loop DSL’ otherwise known as ‘naked DSL.’

If you decide to say goodbye to your landline forever, read the FCC tips when you call 911 from a wireless phone.

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