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Texting coming to landline phones

BY Allconnect | Wed Jul 23, 2014

Texting is a huge reason why people don’t subscribe to home phone services any more, but now the two might be combined. According to Fierce Telecom, Frontier Communications recently created a new platform that allows consumers to send and receive texts from business’ landline numbers. Lois Hedg-peth, the executive vice president of strategy at Frontier, explained to the news source that the company is partnering with ZipWhip to bring landlines into the 21st century.

“We observed in working with ZipWhip and others, residential customers actually do resonate do try to text business landlines time to time. We’re looking at trend that customers are trending towards text versus call so it seemed like a very logical step,” Hedg-peth said.

Indeed, this could be a huge boon for landline phones in the long run. Though the service is only available through frontier and geared toward the B2B crowd, it could eventually change how you communicate in your own home. Think about how much easier things would be if you had one number for your home and texting. This could help improve how you keep in touch with everyone without having to be tied to any single device.

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