Test Your AC Before the Summer Heat Hits

BY Kristen Fowler | Thu May 11, 2017
Test Your AC Before the Summer Heat Hits

A window-mounted air conditioner sure beats the heat for families without central air, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether these devices are giving you everything they’ve got, which is why you should test your AC before summer hits. Is it time to replace your AC window unit, or are you setting your air conditioner up to fail?

First, determine whether your current model is sized appropriately to its room. Consumer Reports suggested checking its B-T-U capacity, or British thermal units, and comparing it to the square footage of the immediate area. Window ACs require about 20 B-T-Us for every square foot of space. Do the numbers add up?

Still not cooling to your expectations? Then it may be time to upgrade to a new unit, perhaps an energy-efficient model that will chill things down and also save you money. According to the Department of Energy, U.S. households spend twenty-nine billion dollars a year on cooling costs, so don’t let a bum AC melt your budget this summer.

That’s all for today. Join us next time for more tips on how to¬†save money on your summer utility bills.

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