Television nation: Who’s watching where? [Infographic]

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Dec 03, 2015
Television nation: Who’s watching where? [Infographic]

If you watch any television at all, you know that there are a record number of channels for viewers to choose from. There’s something for everyone on TV these days, whether you prefer catching football games on ESPN or nature documentaries on The Discovery Channel.

Check out this breakdown of the average number of cable channels purchased by state and see how you compare.

How the U.S. tunes in to television
On average, each U.S. home receives over 189 channels, but only watches about 17 of them. Connecticut averages the most channels per household, with 255 stations to choose from. In fact, the most channels in the country are purchased in Hartford, Connecticut, where the average home has 333 options. Other states whose residents have an average of 200 channels or more include New York, Washington, Nevada, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine and Louisiana.

South Dakota is the state with the fewest amount of channels per home, with an average of 100 stations per household. Other states with under 130 channels per home include Delaware, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The city with the smallest selection of channels is Butler, Pennsylvania, where the average resident selects programs from 56 stations.

A typical U.S. resident spends 4 hours and 51 minutes per day watching TV, which accounts for about 50 percent of overall leisure time. Women spend an average of 40 minutes more than men tuning into their televisions, but men spend almost twice as much time using gaming consoles. These allow them to play games, surf the web and watch shows through on-demand or catch-up services.


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