Take advantage of these streamlined packing tips if you need to make an immediate move

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Nov 10, 2015
Take advantage of these streamlined packing tips if you need to make an immediate move

Life is full of surprises. Planning ahead will only get you so far when circumstances push your life ahead of schedule, especially when it comes to major transitions like when and where to move. In a perfect world, every home move would come after months of planning, prepping and packing. The reality is that families won’t always get an opportunity to move under these ideal conditions, so it makes sense to meditate on a few go-to strategies for how you can move from one household to another in a flash. The following tips revolve around making sure you all your belongings from one house to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Simplifying the process will help make your impromptu move less chaotic.”

Whether a change in plans or a home in disrepair require you and your family to move out as soon as possible, these solutions will help to simplify the process and make your impromptu move less chaotic.

Use tape or labels to to organize your move visually
Being able to take stock of your belongings at a glance will be a big help during your rapid move. Separating fragile items, loading and unloading packages by room and reorganizing your belongings becomes significantly easier if you can make accurate guesses about the contents of each box based on a color-coded label or a marked piece of tape. Eliminating the need to unpack boxes just to inspect their contents will help to make the entire process considerably more efficient. Ensuring movers do their job properly is also much easier if they can follow your easy-to-read visual organization system.

Start the packing process as quickly as possible
There may still be some temptation to procrastinate, even if your move needs to happen as quickly as possible. Moving is a huge chore, after all. It’s not surprising that you might look for ways to put off the task. However, taking this approach will only hinder you and your family in the long run. You’re better off getting started on packing and labeling as soon as you realize that you’ll have to make a move in the near future. It doesn’t hurt to start packing immediately, even if you haven’t found the right spot for your new home. Moving.com warned that putting these chores off till the last minute can slow down the entire moving process.

Take photos or make a master index to ease unpacking
A rushed moving effort requires you to do more than just pack in a hurry. Trying to move in the midst of work and school means that you won’t have the liberty of taking your time to unload. Thankfully, this process can be accelerated if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort in the beginning. Taking photos of the inside of each box, for example, would allow you to keep track of the contents of each moving package with an easy visual reference. In addition to or in place of a photo guide, a master index of every moving box and its content would help speed up the unpacking process as well. The Denver Post noted that approaching this project strategically will help reduce your workload.

Spend a little extra on see-through bins and boxes
Don’t want to spend hours organizing but still need to pack up your home as efficiently as possible? One simple way around hours of cataloging your belongings is to simply invest in transparent moving boxes. Investing in tons of clear, plastic tubs for moving is a more expensive option than rounding up cardboard boxes. However, this may not be an issue if your priority is to move out as quickly as you can. You may want to still add colored labels for the sake of organizing each set of bins by room, but being able to see at  glance what each moving box contains inside will be a big help come moving day.

The value of making a list and checking it twice can not be overstated.
The value of making a list and checking it twice can not be overstated.

Make short trips in your car to move light and essential items
Just found out that you have to move considerably sooner than expected? One way to minimize your procrastination and get the show on the road is by doing short trips in your vehicle while you prepare the rest of the home for moving. Focus on blankets and other essential items that are light but cumbersome. In addition to limiting the amount of time you’ll have to pay for movers, starting the process little-by-little will give you a better idea of where and how to unpack your belongings once the rest of your stuff is delivered to your new doorstep.

Consider shopping around for utilities from a one-stop solution
Another chore that eats up time during the moving process is switching your utilities from one home to the other. The situation becomes even more complicated if you are moving from one city to another and dealing with a long list of new utilities. Finding the time to find and field dozens of utility companies with regard to phone, TV, Internet and electricity is nearly impossible in the rush of a rapid move. Alternatively, homeowners can reach out to services that offer one-stop utility shopping. Taking care of these troubles online frees up more space during your day to focus on the move.

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