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3 Smart Toys Dad Will Actually Enjoy This Father’s Day

If you’re shopping for a dad who’s grown tired of ties and business socks as Father’s Day gifts, then this…

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Protect Your Smart Home from Hackers: Top Security Tips

Don’t let hackers and lack of awareness make your home vulnerable to attack.

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3 Genius Devices Your Inner Writer Needs to Survive NaNoWriMo 2016

Every November, writers all across the country share one goal: to crank out 50,000 novel words by the last day…

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Is It Time to Get a Wi-Fi Extender? [Video]

Struggling to connect to your own home Wi-Fi can be very irritating, especially for anyone who pays top dollar for…

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A “Smart” tale of three thermostats

One of these programmable thermostats can considerably upgrade heating and cooling in your home.

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Get your PC and Internet browser up to speed with these tips

Don’t let malware or simple router problems compromise your high-speed Internet experience.

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Defend your smart home from digital intruders

These strategies will go a long way toward keeping hackers out of your smart home.

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How to use technology to make your move smoother [Infographic]

The process of moving into one home and out of another is tedious and time consuming. Thankfully, there are plenty…

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Strategies for getting the most from your Wi-Fi [Video]

Don't let your Wi-Fi signal languish from lack of action.

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