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How to Keep Your Castle Safe: Home Alarm Systems

Your home is your castle, and your castle is your safest refuge. But to keep your castle safe these days…

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Smartening Up Your New Home Can Save You Money

Utilities, they are the one item most people overlook when they move into a new home, most of us just…

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3 Practical Gifts to Give This World Teachers’ Day

Think back to your school days and remember the teachers who impacted your life the most. The ones who stayed…

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Why Baseball Season is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your TV [Video]

Batter up! Baseball season is in full swing, and with your favorite team finally returning to action, making sure you…

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Grow Your Own with These 3 Devices This National Garden Month

Back in 1987, the National Garden Bureau celebrated its first ever National Garden Week, dedicated to the folks who grow…

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Why the Presidential Election Demands Cable TV

The road to the White House has never been quite so dramatic, and between the unbelievable antics of Donald Trump…

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Spend Your Newfound Daylight Hours with Your Newfound Neighbors

Every single year, right around this time, an overwhelming amount of people throughout much of the United States start to…

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Wind Energy Facts

As more attention is focused on how the world’s growing energy needs affect our climate, new sources of renewable energy…

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Does your new home have a deadly secret?

For new homeowners, that new house brings with it a tangle of emotions. You’re thrilled beyond words, scared speechless, and…

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