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Why Summertime is Still Great for TV [Video]

Summer vacations and adventures are great, but sometimes beating the heat by staying inside is equally rewarding. For that reason,…

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Why Baseball Season is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your TV [Video]

Batter up! Baseball season is in full swing, and with your favorite team finally returning to action, making sure you…

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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Television? [Video]

Television sets have come a long way in the past few years, and it wasn’t too long ago that TVs…

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What to look for in a new television this holiday season

Upsize your screen and your viewing experience with holiday deals on a new TV.

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Remember viewing sizes when setting up your big screen [Video]

Don't sit too close to your big screen television.

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An ode to channel flipping: Reasons why the big cable bundle is still a gigantic value

A bigger cable bundle still has plenty of value.

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Summer is a great time to get back into television

Get caught up on the latest television hits this summer by updating your cable package.

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Selecting the smart TV that’s right for your living room

The right smart TV brings a high-tech entertainment experience to your home.

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Sling TV earns top honors at CES 2015 [VIDEO]

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in early January, three awards, including “Best In Show,” were given to Dish’s Sling…

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