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5 Natural Gas Facts to Soothe Your Burning Questions (Part 1)

Despite living in a world literally surrounded by it, many folks don’t know enough about the wonders of natural gas….

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Tag and tame your home’s natural gas guzzlers

Cut out natural gas waste to save money this fall and winter.

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When good utilities go bad: Tips for reducing costs and risks in the home

Don’t let these common utilities turn into household health risks.

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Off the grid: what to consider before committing to a cabin

Guest post by Brooke Chaplan. Living off the grid may seem like a far-fetched dream, but many people are living…

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Factors impacting natural gas prices in 2015

Numerous factors will determine if gas prices stay low throughout 2015.

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Natural gas safety for winter

Planning and preparation will protect families from natural gas risks all winter.

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Political and economic impacts of America’s natural gas boom

News about how natural gas is making waves can help homeowners to make decisions about their utilities.

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Natural gas surplus a boon for frugal homeowners come winter

Homeowners can expect to save big on natural gas utilities with winter around the corner.

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Reduce energy use and pollution by switching to natural gas

Homeowners can potentially save money more by switching their entire house or select appliances to run off natural gas. 

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