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How to save money on your utilities at home all year

From alternative cooking methods to energy audits, learn about ways to save energy all year long.

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Energy assistance programs for low-income residents

For those in low-income households in need of assistance with energy bills, plenty of state and federally-funded programs are available…

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Expert Advice: 3 Tips To Picking Out The Right Water Heater

Your home’s water heater provides a steady flow of warm water for bathing, laundering, cooking and other household needs. Typical…

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How Extreme Weather Impacts Energy Production and Transmission

No matter your opinion on climate change, scientists have proven its effects time and time again. And as a result,…

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The Myths, Truths, and Metrics Behind Natural Gas Flaring

Have you ever driven past a refinery and noticed those huge flames shooting into the sky? Well, unlike what we…

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Reading the Gas Meter: How Much Natural Gas Are You Really Using?

With winter straight ahead and approaching fast, your nest may soon turn a chilly place to be, so if you…

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What You Need to Know About Regulated vs De-regulated Natural Gas Markets [Video]

Natural gas is a safe and effective way to warm your house, and as the industry grows, different states are…

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The Truth About Natural Gas Prices

If you haven’t grown up using natural gas in your home, then you might be a little fuzzy about using…

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5 Natural Gas Facts to Soothe Your Burning Questions (Part 2)

Welcome back, folks! We’re glad so see that you’re so gassed up to keep on learning more, now that you’ve…

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