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Tips for home security during the holiday season

If you’re like most, you probably celebrate the holidays by traveling to see friends and family or attending festive parties.¬†While…

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Allconnect statistics shows October is not the scariest month of the year

While October can be scary, home security interest peaks in December, according to a new study by Allconnect, a national…

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Tips on selecting a home security system that will keep your family safe over the holidays

Burglaries surge during the holiday season when homes are most likely to be filled with new electronics and other valuables….

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Target these common points of entry when boosting home security

Reduce risk and improve safety by securing these points of entry.

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Prepare for BBQs and outdoor parties by automating your backyard

Automate your backyard to turn summer BBQ’s into a breeze.

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Ask These 5 Questions Before Buying a Home Surveillance System

Guest post by Jennifer Tuohy. The ability to see your home from wherever you are and whenever you want is…

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Items in the home that are common targets for thieves

Looking at the items that burglars target helps you make your home less appealing to thieves.

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Home security cameras catch crooks across the U.S.

A string of burglaries caught on tape point toward the benefits of installing a comprehensive security system to protect your home.

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DIY Home Security: How to Save Money and Stay Safe

Guest post by Jim Dalton. In this time and age, one can easily purchase many modern safety features and transform…

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