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3 Smart home trends that save water & electricity

Home service companies and interior designers all agree that 2016 will continue to be about the smart home and green…

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Use These Tips to Maximize the Value of Your Motion Sensors this Winter

Home security concerns should be on the top of your mind this winter as the holiday season is also one…

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Defend your smart home from digital intruders

These strategies will go a long way toward keeping hackers out of your smart home.

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Prepare for BBQs and outdoor parties by automating your backyard

Automate your backyard to turn summer BBQ’s into a breeze.

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DIY Smart Automation: Bathroom

A smarter bathroom will help make every morning a little less of a chore.

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DIY Smart Automation: Man Cave

Like kitchens and living rooms, man caves can benefit from a bit of extra automation.

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Selecting the smart TV that’s right for your living room

The right smart TV brings a high-tech entertainment experience to your home.

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Key considerations to keep in mind when selling or buying a smart home

Home buyers and sellers can both benefit by leveraging home automation.

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One Tablet to rule them all: The pressing need for a ‘Smart’ Home automation control center

Guest post by Jennifer Tuohy. The success of the do-it-yourself smart home is in large part due to the existence…

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