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How to Build a Whole Home Audio System On a Budget: A Roundup of Options

A house filled with music is a happier place. I know this for a fact. Since we picked up a…

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Protect Your Smart Home from Hackers: Top Security Tips

Don’t let hackers and lack of awareness make your home vulnerable to attack.

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The Coolest Extra Features Found in LED Bulbs

For the last hundred years or so, incandescent bulbs were considered good enough to provide light for homes and offices….

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How These 5 Future Trends in Home Connectivity Will Change Everything

“The Internet of Things has already revolutionized many human activities, and the next sector to feel that is home connectivity.”…

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4 Top Home Automation Technologies You Can’t Live Without in 2017

Home automation technology has become incredibly advanced in recent years that it is now being enjoyed by families throughout the…

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10 Wise Ways to Avoid a Home Fire with All Your Smart Devices

Our homes are becoming ever smarter with the all devices we’re using to upgrade them. But with every new smart…

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Do I Need a Land Line to Get a Home Security System?

With the aid of modern technology, home security today is better and smarter than it’s ever been before. And while…

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5 Eco-Friendly Home Modifications to Help You Save Money

Going green can sound like an expensive, time-consuming task with little incentive to put forth the effort. In reality, making…

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Home Security Tips While on Vacation [Video]

For anyone heading out on a well-deserved vacation, taking time to make sure your home is protected will help you relax…

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