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Tips for Creating an Energy Efficient Garage

If you’ve done all you can to improve the energy efficiency of your home and are still experiencing higher utility…

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Summer Energy Saving Tips: A Room-by-Room Guide

Summer’s almost here, but with sun and fun come high costs: child care, vacations, emergency trips to the local ice…

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6 Simple Steps to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

If you make your home energy-efficient, you can cut down on electricity bills, help the environment and improve your family…

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15 Ways to Reduce Energy Waste and Decrease your Utility Bills [Infographic]

It is estimated that the United States wastes more than $300 billion of energy per year. This is an amazing…

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Expert Advice: 3 Tips To Picking Out The Right Water Heater

Your home’s water heater provides a steady flow of warm water for bathing, laundering, cooking and other household needs. Typical…

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3 Smart Emergency Power Options for Your Home

Emergency power is vital in virtually every home or household. Remember the last time a natural or artificial disaster took…

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How Extreme Weather Impacts Energy Production and Transmission

No matter your opinion on climate change, scientists have proven its effects time and time again. And as a result,…

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Does Installing a New Thermostat Lead to Cost Savings?

Like most technology, thermostats have undergone a revolution in the last decade. Manual thermostats have been replaced with smart, programmable…

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Here’s Why Your Electricity Bill’s So High (And The 5 Big Ways to Fix It)

Hats off to you – you’ve survived another sweaty summer! But now that August is in the past and its…

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