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Comparing Bundles and Internet Service [Video]

Hello and welcome to the Allconnect Video Blog! Homeowners may find it frustrating and overwhelming when selecting an internet provider…

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Are Bundles Really Better?

As more and more companies wade into the home utilities pool, each one is trying to find a new way…

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All About the Smart Meter

Over the past decade or so, there has been a movement to modernize our electricity grid so that devices throughout…

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Remember viewing sizes when setting up your big screen [Video]

Don't sit too close to your big screen television.

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An ode to channel flipping: Reasons why the big cable bundle is still a gigantic value

A bigger cable bundle still has plenty of value.

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Moving? Maybe time to cut the cord

Try canceling your cable bill as a means of reducing costs before and after moving into your new home.

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The Comcast Netflix Deal: What You Need to Know

Netflix, one of the top sites for streaming movies and television shows, just announced a deal with the cable giant…

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