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How to save money on your utilities at home all year

From alternative cooking methods to energy audits, learn about ways to save energy all year long.

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Create a home fire safety plan for this year’s National Fire Prevention Week

Here are tips for teaching kids about fire safety, ways to make your home safer and how to make a fire safety plan in honor of national fire prevention week.

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5 Household Robots That Make Your Life Easier

Easily take care of common household chores and carve more time for yourself with the latest generation of household robots….

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6 Simple Steps to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

If you make your home energy-efficient, you can cut down on electricity bills, help the environment and improve your family…

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15 Ways to Reduce Energy Waste and Decrease your Utility Bills [Infographic]

It is estimated that the United States wastes more than $300 billion of energy per year. This is an amazing…

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Expert Advice: 3 Tips To Picking Out The Right Water Heater

Your home’s water heater provides a steady flow of warm water for bathing, laundering, cooking and other household needs. Typical…

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How These 5 Future Trends in Home Connectivity Will Change Everything

“The Internet of Things has already revolutionized many human activities, and the next sector to feel that is home connectivity.”…

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Here’s Why Your Electricity Bill’s So High (And The 5 Big Ways to Fix It)

Hats off to you – you’ve survived another sweaty summer! But now that August is in the past and its…

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11 Energy Saving Hacks You Need to Try!

When the warmer weather arrives, we start thinking about emptying and cleaning pools and hot tubs. If your pump is…

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