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Buying an Air Conditioner: How to Get the Most From Your Investment

Buying a new air conditioner can be like purchasing a new car. It’s an investment in a major piece of…

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3 Smart home trends that save water & electricity

Home service companies and interior designers all agree that 2016 will continue to be about the smart home and green…

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Stop your heating bills from flaring up this fall [VIDEO]

Whether you are heating your home with electricity or natural gas, a poorly maintained household will ramp up the cost…

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Start winterizing early to maximize savings this fall and winter

Home energy efficiency is critical for keeping your bills manageable all winter.

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Use your appliances more efficiently and save big

Take advantage of these energy saving tips for appliances.

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Keep your electric and gas bills from getting out of control with these climate control tips

Regular indoor temperatures contribute toward lower utility bills.

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Homeowners can maximize home efficiency by mixing energy saving strategies

A proactive attitude toward energy savings will pay big dividends for your family.

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How To Save Energy Around The Home

Lately, the news has been awash with information on how burning fossil fuels and some other forms of electricity generation…

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Home Organization 101 – Maintenance Schedules for Your Home

Most of us know when our vehicles need maintenance thanks to warnings and indicators that light up on our dashboards….

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