Super Simple Decorating Tips for Your Summer Porch

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Aug 08, 2015

Porch decorating tipsDecorating your porch for summer may not be on the top of your priority list, but should be if you want your guests to feel more welcome at outdoor parties. One of the easiest and simplest ways to change up the look of the porch is to cover up concrete or repaint or purchase new patio furniture. The summer trends typically include bright colors and bold designs, and this year is no different.

Changing out Old Decor
One of the easiest ways to spruce up the patio is by shopping for new furniture. Summer specials are always a great chance to catch a deal on new decorations, furniture, pots, and plants. New patio furniture from places like Modern Home 2 Go are perfect for adding a comfortable, new feel to your porch.

Cover Up the Flooring
A plain porch floor is pretty boring, but there are ways to add some color and design no matter how large or small the space is. Interlocking deck tiles and indoor/outdoor carpet tiles are a super quick way to change the entire look and theme. Adding a large area rug or a new welcome mat are even easier ways to add an inviting feel to the space. If you’re worried about weather ruining carpets or rugs cover them with your Miami, Florida outdoor furniture or umbrellas and take them in at night.

If you don’t have enough for buying new furniture and decor, painting is probably the easiest way you can decorate on a budget. You can paint the floor, railings, and old furniture. You can even paint with different colors to provide a nice contrast, or use complimenting neutral colors to match the rest of the home for a seamless look.

Pillows and Cushions
People who don’t want to spend their time painting, can choose a selection of pillows and cushions for their wicker furniture, benches, and swings that match the rest of the home. You can even get large cushions for extra seating on the ground. To make the patio stand out, choosing bright colors is the best option. Layering patterns and colors can allow you to customize the area to your taste.

Flowers and Plants
Cleaning up old planters and adding fresh, vibrant flowers is great for softening up the porch and making it feel more homey. Hanging baskets, window planters, and stand-alone vases are the most popular ways to incorporate small flowers and greenery. Line the stairs to the porch or place planters on each side of the door for a great way to invite guests to visit.

No matter what method you choose, decorating your porch for summer doesn’t have to be an extensive undertaking. There are plenty of little ideas that can transform your outdoor space, and all that is needed is a simple touch like a mirror, a new mailbox, or a handmade welcome sign.

Guest post by Brooke Chaplan.

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