Summer Celebrations at Your New Home

BY contributor | Thu Jul 11, 2013

Summer Celebrations at Your New HomeDid you know about 19 Million American households move during one year? Summer is the peak of the moving season and is a very common time for you and your family to find a new residence. After you get comfortable in that new home of yours, you probably want to also get to know your new neighbors around you. What better way to meet your new neighbors and potential friends than to have an outdoor summer party? This could be your official housewarming party or even just a small get together to break the ice with your new acquaintances. Your back deck and backyard are both great places to quickly set up for a fun gathering during the summer. Outdoor summer parties can be easy, affordable and much less stressful than your recent move, as long as a few things are taken care of.

Invite Your Guests

The first step of a party is inviting your guests. Since you are new to your surroundings, this party will be a great way to become familiar with everyone. Make sure to include all your neighbors and friends you have already met. Also, decide if it will be an adult party or if your neighbors should bring their kids with them. The easiest way to invite your guests is usually by phone. You can also invite them in person, but if your party is more formal than usual, then mailed invitations are probably more appropriate.

Food and Drinks

An easy and affordable way to provide food at your outdoor party is to fire up the grill and have a cookout. Burgers, hotdogs, chicken and other grill-ready foods make it simple to prepare a nice meal for your company. Make sure you have some sides too! Chips and dip, salads, pastas, fruits, and other sides are perfect to go with the food from the grill and add to your feast. Make sure to provide refreshments, both regular and diet, and find out what your neighbors and friends enjoy drinking. Besides food and drinks, don’t forget plates, napkins, utensils or any other supplies needed for a successful party.


When you have an outdoor party, make sure your guests feel entertained. Although socializing will be the primary activity, you may want come up with a few other activities just in case. If you have a pool, entertainment comes fairly easy. If not, activities like horseshoes, badminton and lawn darts are all great ways to make sure your guests are having fun. If your party is themed for a specific celebration or holiday, try to come up with a few activities and decorations that relate to your theme. Since your party will be outside, mosquitos and other bugs could be potential problems, depending on where you live. There are a couple of easy ways to make sure these bugs aren’t an issue for your party. One option is to pick up a mosquito lawn spray at your local home improvement store and spray your yard a few days before your big gathering. If you don’t have time to spray, another easy option to keep away the bugs is to use tiki torches.

With these things taken care of, you will be able to enjoy your company and have a successful party. Remember to have a blast, and if you have any ideas or tips on throwing an outdoor party, let us know!

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