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How to stream your favorite shows for free: Watch anywhere using your cable subscription

Looking to get your content on the go? Follow our guide to learn how to watch your favorite programming just about anywhere.

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Are you streaming shows as sharply as you should? What you need to know about HDTV, Ultra HD and 4K TV

Discover the differences between TV picture resolutions and what they mean for your viewing experience.

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Are you canceling your HBO subscription? Experts predict exodus as Game of Thrones ends

Now that we know who sits on the Iron Throne, is it worth keeping an HBO subscription? Take our poll and tell us!

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How to watch the final episode of Game of Thrones

Pop some popcorn and optimize your TV settings for the series finale of Game of Thrones. It’s time to find out who will sit on the Iron Throne.

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Are you suffering from ‘streaming fatigue?’ Take our test to find out

The number of subscription services people need to watch their favorite shows is leading to a rise in ‘streaming fatigue’. Here’s how to combat it – and save yourself some money.

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Disney takes full control of Hulu from Comcast and moves closer to owning all the things

In a new agreement, Disney will assume “full operational control” of the streaming service, Hulu.

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How to connect your iPhone to your TV

Want to connect your iPhone to your TV? Using a cable or even wirelessly, its easy to watch your streaming apps, music and even see your holiday snaps on the big screen.

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How to stream live sports

Want to cut the cord but can’t give up live sports? Here are a few ways you can stream games and events live.

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How much speed do I need for streaming?

Don’t pay for more internet speed than you need. Find out the minimum speeds required for your favorite streaming activities.

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