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Streaming Troubles Show Why Sports Fans Need TV Services

BY Allconnect | Wed Jul 16, 2014

Though you can watch anything via streaming these days, cable TV providers still offer the best way to view sports. For one, video on demand isn’t really relevant to sports because you almost have to watch games live in order to get the full experience and avoid potential spoilers from your friends and family.

More importantly, however, is how unreliable streaming options are in some cases. According to Variety, ESPN’s WatchESPN app failed for many customers during its stream of a World Cup match between the United States and Germany. In total, more than 1.4 million people were trying to watch that game through the sport’s network streaming channel.

The high demand is certainly a contributing factor to the failed stream. Many services have experienced similar issues when audiences swell. For instance, HBO GO has crashed during programs like the season finale of “True Detective” and the season 4┬ápremiere of “Game of Thrones.”

While we’re progressing to a time where you can stream sports reliably, we aren’t there yet. Cable and satellite TV providers still offer the best platform for viewing live sports because they have few outages.

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