Strategies for staying sane during your summer move

BY Allconnect | Fri Jun 05, 2015
Strategies for staying sane during your summer move

Moving day is tough. Moving during the midst of the summer swelter is even tougher. That’s why it pays to put extra preparation into your summer move. After all, there are plenty of perks to making your move during the hottest months of the year. When else will your kids be free all day to do their share of the heavy lifting? Despite the heat, summertime is a popular time for moving and you’ll have opportunities to take advantage of seasonal moving deals if you can sign a lease on a new location before the end of the summer. Using a few of the following strategies will help you keep your cool during your next move even while the temperature gauge rises.

“Pack as smartly as possible.”

Do as much work as you can indoors
Starting your summer move without a plan could leave you stranded and sweating outside as you deal with the unexpected. Good Housekeeping emphasized the need to pack as smartly as you can. Organizing all your belongings with easily readable labels will help to simplify your moving process and allow you to efficiently pack and unpack belongings. Furthermore, this detailed labeling can all be done indoors. Try to finish these types of tasks as early in the moving process as possible to avoid having to do extra chores in the sun during the middle of the packing process.

Move small items after sunset
One way to spend less on movers is by transporting as many items as you can from one home to the next in your car. The best time of the day to do this task is during the nighttime, when temperatures are lower and your vehicle is able to run a bit more efficiently. The fuel savings will quickly add up over the multiple trips you’ll make as you cart your belongings to your new home. Doing the task after dusk will also help you dodge the heat while you load packages into your vehicle.

Consider having a friend watch your pets
Dogs and cats don’t care for the heat either, but they will still likely be interested in waves of people entering and exiting the home. Having your pets around during the move process only adds complications and steps to your work. These distractions are even more present during moving time when the heat makes it vital keep an eye on your pets’ health and location. An animal’s desire to go in and out of the home may further aggravate you during the moving process as well.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to leave your dog or cat with a neighbor or family friend during your move. The easiest way to manage the distractions a pet might bring to your move and ensure their safety is to circumvent the problem entirely. Considering that your moving process will probably get wrapped up in an afternoon, having friends watch your pet is the sensical cost-effective alternative to a pet hotel.

Don’t forget to drink water
Hydration is a critical component of staying healthy and heatstroke free over the summer months. This health concern becomes considerably more real if you and your family plan on personally transporting any number of heavy boxes from one location to the next. The extra exercise and temperature are quick to dehydrate the human body, so it’s up to homeowners to keep themselves and their families drinking water throughout the day. Take a break if you or one of your family members feel light-headed or lost, as these are two common symptoms of dehydration.

Summer moves make sense whether you are renting or buying.

Stay on your schedule to reduce stress
Heat and heavy boxes are certainly the most apparent hurdles to overcome during your summer move. However, failure to stick to your initial outline poses a much larger risk to the efficiency of your move. Abandoning the plan in response to one or two unexpected changes will only make the process more difficult to complete in the long run.

If you have a detailed schedule for your summer move, and you should, be sure to stick to it. An improvised moving strategy is bound to leave you and your belongings sitting in the heat.

Remember to update your utilities
Don’t get so caught up in the logistics of moving that you neglect the other tasks that must be completed during your summer move. One of those chores is getting your utility services up and running in your new home. It pays to get in touch with local utility and cable providers weeks before you move. That way, it’s easy to schedule service for the day of your move-in and take advantage of any promising bundle deals that are available during the summer.

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