Strategies for maximizing your moving efforts during the fall

BY Allconnect | Tue Sep 22, 2015
Strategies for maximizing your moving efforts during the fall

Spring and summer make up the busy season when it comes to moving. Multiple surveys peg the months between May and September as the busiest, most costly time to move, according to U.S. News and World Report. While finding an open room amongst this chaos is less of a challenge, you and your family may find that the sheer volume of moves occurring during the summer months to be more than a little overwhelming. Thankfully, this busy season can be circumvented completely if homeowners are willing to move during the fall and winter months.

“The busy season can be avoided by moving in fall and winter months.”

In addition to cost-savings, there are numerous advantages to an offseason move. With fall in full swing and winter around the corner, homeowners that avoided a relocation over the summer are now in a prime position to move with considerably less hassle over the next few months.

Take advantage of cooler weather
High outdoor temperatures, one of the major downsides to moving during the summer, can be completely avoided by starting your move a bit later into the year. A nicer climate makes it easier to pack and run errands throughout the day. Dealing with the logistics of moving while sweating profusely is never fun and the heat of midday is likely to tire you out before you can make considerable progress on your home move. This sweltering cycle turns what should be weekend projects into month long endeavors. Start your move in the middle of September for a cooler, more comfortable experience.

Make sure to dress accordingly: It’s easy to forget to layer up when moving is so often associated with the summer months. recommended that families start with comfortable jeans, long-sleeve shirts and close-toed shoes. Add a windbreaker or hoodie jacket if the wind picks up during the middle of your packing efforts. Staying warm is important since your fingers begin to lose dexterity as they grow too cold.

Clear leaves and debris before starting your move
One of the unique difficulties of moving during the fall is the numerous types of weather phenomena that might slow down your moving process. The presence of fallen leaves and other plant debris, for example, is among the leading autumn issues to plan around when strategizing your move. Allowing this compost fodder to build-up not only increases risks for falling and tripping, but also can harm the curb appeal of your household and make it more difficult to sell your home to a buyer in a convenient timeframe.

This potential problem can be addressed by organizing yard cleanup efforts around the same weekends when moving or showing off the home to potential buyers is a major priority. There are even more questions for concern as precipitation begins to rise. Wet leaves are even more dangerous during moves and more likely to track inside your new home as you unload your belongings.

Keep your eyes peeled for college students
While movers are generally on the decline as summer comes to a close, college students can be found moving in and out of new living situations frequently through the end of September. It’s best to be aware of this trend, especially if you and your family are moving into or out of a neighborhood with a large concentration of college students. The extra traffic and bodies in motion can make the roads and sidewalks in these areas feel a bit congested. A bit of research online will help you determine the first day of classes for local colleges. Plan your move around these dates to avoid the throng of student movers this fall.

Adding labels will make your autumn move even easier.

Avoid autumn scams with summertime solutions
Moving scams are most common during the summer, but that doesn’t mean that conmen take time off during the fall. You and your family should stay wary of moving scams every month of the year. Take a few hints from Better Business Bureau into consideration as you prepare to make a safe, cost-effective move this autumn. The resource recommended that homeowners always get contracts in writing before agreeing to allow prospective movers to pack up their belongings. Keep your eyes open for red flags, such as an overly simplistic website or broken down trucks without any clear branding. Your family is always better safe than sorry when it comes to evaluating home movers.

Search for seasonal deals on cable and Internet
Another perk of moving during the fall is the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal deals put on the table by your local cable and Internet companies. It’s not uncommon for providers to offer special deals to transition between the summer and holiday seasons. Likewise, move-in rates will likely be attractive to families interested in saving money after investing in a new home. Taking the time to research and compare all the providers in the area also presents extra opportunities to lower costs on cable and Internet.

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