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Stay Warmer In The Winter While Keeping A Fatter Wallet [Infographic]

BY Allconnect | Thu Dec 15, 2016
Stay Warmer In The Winter While Keeping A Fatter Wallet [Infographic]

Nothing drains bank accounts faster or packs a more powerful punch into our budgets than rising utility costs during the winter months. As a matter of fact, in most homes, the monthly energy bill is the most expensive line item when it comes to paying our bills.

Other than one of the most obvious ways to save some money by using a programmable thermostat or keeping it set at 68℉ during the day and 65℉ while we’re sleeping or out of the house, there’s some more ways to hold on to precious cash, while still keeping warm this winter.

Dispelling the “Heat Loss Through Your Head” Concept

This popular myth, about losing up to 50% of your body’s heat through your head has been around for decades and has garnered its place into the statute of an “old wives’ tale.” According to science, this rumor has been supported through ancient research from the US Military, but this concept is simply untrue. While you’ll certainly be warmer given the additional clothes you wear, the layering concept and adding headgear into the mix, there’s other ways to retain your heat.

Think of it this way, during the summer months, often those who are overheated will cast off their shoes and at night they’ll stick their feet out from underneath the covers to keep cool. The opposite is true during colder, winter months. If you keep you feet warm and cozy, with thick socks and cozy slippers, your body will also feel the heat from beneath.

Keep The Heat At Arm’s Reach

Wintertime also includes snuggle time, which means that you, your family and pets can stay warmer with items spread around to keep you at higher temperatures. Sweatshirts and the above mentioned heat inclusive items like layered clothing and heavy socks are great, but so are puffy pillows and blankets strewn about on the couch.

Are you using throw rugs on bare floors, near doorways and other drafty areas are all ways to keep the heat indoors where it belongs? Is the weatherstripping around doors and windows in good condition and is your fireplace damper shut when not in use? The answers to these questions and concerns can mean extra cash in energy savings.

For even more tips and information from our friends at Homeselfe, makers of a free energy saving app, check out their infographic on “How To Stay Warm In The Winter Without Freezing Your Wallet.” Just a few minor adjustments can make a big difference on your energy bill this winter – and in the years beyond!

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