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Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning: What to Do When HVAC Goes Down

BY Nicole George | Tue Aug 22, 2017
Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning: What to Do When HVAC Goes Down

Did your HVAC system just go down? Unable to get it repaired right away? Are you starting to worry that you won’t be able to┬ásurvive without the comfort of your air conditioning system? Before you start to panic, check out our tips on how to stay cool without air conditioning. While it’s definitely not ideal to be without air conditioning in the summertime, there are ways to make living without AC bearable until you can have your system repaired. For instance, you should close your curtains to avoid the heat from the sunlight, turn on all of your ceiling fans to circulate air, open a few windows at night to let in the cooler air and avoid using heat generating appliances like your oven and dryer. And while this probably seems obvious, you should drink plenty of water, wear light weight clothing and avoid strenuous activity. The infographic below explains even more tips for staying cool without air conditioning as well as some tips on how to stay warm if your heating system goes down.

How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

stay cool without air conditioning

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