Start scheduling these ideal home improvement ideas for just after moving day

BY Allconnect | Thu Mar 26, 2015
Start scheduling these ideal home improvement ideas for just after moving day

Moving day can be exhausting and time consuming, but smart families can benefit from staying busy and improving their home’s performance as soon as they move to their new property. The easiest way to see the most immediate returns on your early home improvement goals is to concentrate your energy into completing one room or project at a time. The following is a list of projects that will help you personalize your home, make it run more efficiently and possibly make your property more valuable in the long-term. You’ll start to benefit from the cost savings that come with home improvements as soon as you make the appropriate investments to your property, so there’s no reason to put off these projects until later.

“There’s no reason to put off these projects until later.”

Upgrade appliances and insulation
There’s a wide range of efficiency projects for homeowners to choose from based on their experience level and budget. Making the right upgrades will help you reduce the amount of electricity, gas and water you and your family use each month. Lowering your family’s rate of consumption translates to real savings for your home and you can start reaping these benefits as soon as you start outfitting your home with energy-saving appliances.

Items that use large amounts of energy at once are good choices for immediate upgrades. Exchanging aging refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines for more efficient models is an excellent way to improve your home and create savings down the line, according to the National Resources Defense Council. Look for labels like ones from Energy Star to find appliances that deliver optimum efficiency.

Improving insulation is a way of generating cost savings, according to the DIY Network. Even better, the perks achieved by upgrading insulation over appliances will save you some upfront costs. A more powerful thermal barrier can be established by laying weatherstripping unsealed spaces between doors and windows. Caulking cracks near the base of the home can help too. You’ll be able to take advantage of these efficiency upgrades to their fullest by concentrating on improving the home’s thermal performance .

Make smart updates to your kitchen
U.S. News & World Report emphasized that the right kitchen upgrades can not only make your daily life more enjoyable, but also turn your home into a more attractive target for resale in the future. The article named countertop repair, cabinet door upgrades, sink and faucet updates and a fresh coat of paint as the short list of projects that can dramatically improve the look and feel of your kitchen. The right upgrades for your sinks and high-end kitchen appliances can be used to offset water and electricity use as well.

Elevate your home entertainment
Just because you’re making a home improvement investment doesn’t mean that your first purchase has to be completely practical. After all, improvements to the home’s entertainment system are certainly a means of making your interiors more enjoyable. Ultra high-definition televisions are cheaper than ever, and 4K content is slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream. Most of this content is available via streaming, but you’ll need a robust Internet connection to get the most out of your home entertainment upgrades. Get in touch with your new Internet and Cable provider before moving day to get a feel for the bundle package options available in your new neighborhood.

Start on your home improvement goals as soon as possible.Start on your home improvement goals as soon as possible.

Focus on upping home security
Just after moving day is an optimal time to enhance your home’s perimeter defenses. Why? Local criminals get a chance to gain intel on your belongings while movers carry your most expensive items into your new abode. That’s why beefing up security is an investment that begins paying off immediately. Search for a home security provider that can deliver 24-hour surveillance services. This will ensure that your property remains under constant supervision by vigilant security experts, and can also add a measure of protection from fires and gas leaks.

You can easily expand your home’s security strategy beyond the options made available by your local provider. The DIY home security market has also exploded over the past few years and made it easy to acquire cheap cameras and motion detectors. Mixing security enhancements of your own with the services of a service provider will help make your new home even safer and create even more opportunities to recoup your expenses when you sell the home.

Dip your feet into home automation
If your main goal in your first major home improvement project is convenience, then you’d be remiss to not consider investing in home automation. The latest consumer electronics are Internet of Things (IoT) capable, designed to wirelessly communicate with each other. Investing in a hub device will let you program the IoT devices in your home to interact in helpful ways. Connecting your automated door knob to the home’s lighting and air conditioning, for example, would allow you to program your house to “wake up” when you arrive home.

Careful automation strategies do more than make your life feel more futuristic. Programming your appliances correctly could save you money each month by cutting out inefficiencies, expand the functionality of everyday items like your coffee maker and make your home safer by giving you remote control over surveillance equipment. These all-around advantages make home automation a smart investment if you’re looking to make your home smarter, better protected and more efficient at once.

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