Spectacular sports themed room decoration ideas

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Jul 21, 2015

Guest post by Bill Brown.

There is nothing more relaxing than your very own designed space surrounded by the things that you love and enjoy. For some, it could be sitting in a room with knick-knacks from childhood or an impressive collection of family photographs. For others, it could be a library/office space where trophies and mementos from college and early work life are on display. For a child’s space, it could be personalizing their bedroom or playroom with their favorite musicians or players of the teams they like.

For most kid’s room’s people have moved away from traditional set-ups to more customized spaces which provide joy and comfort. As a decor theme, the sports based concept has become very popular especially among pre-teens and teens. And there is no shortage of themes like soccer, baseball, cheerleading, football, gymnastics, hockey, tennis and even cricket that can be incorporated in your decor.

Here are a few to give you an idea:

  1. Baseball theme: You can create a feel of the game by having a huge backdrop behind the bed of a baseball stadium. A small shelf with compartments to display baseball mittens, trophies or paraphernalia. Carpet tiles (like cork) can go a long way in transforming it. Lamps in the shape of a baseball bat and a chair which resembles a baseball glove adds the finishing touches.
  2. Soccer theme: You cannot go wrong with this one because kids love their soccer. The options for decor are endless. You can frame a jersery for one of the walls. You can opt for a soccer ball chair or huge posters of their favorite player on the walls and door. Also you can get soccer prints for the curtains.
  3. Basketball theme: To make a statement you have wall behind the bed painted as a scoreboard with chalkboard paint so that the score of your favorite team can be updated. To create an ambience of a basketball court you can hang a small basketball hoop over the headboard. To further enhance the room the pillows and the quilt can have basketball patches. Even a small carpet in the room can resemble the design of a court.
  4. Tennis theme: Hang multiple picture frames of the greats of tennis. You can also design a carpet that looks like the Wimbledon hard court. Or then even paint one of the walls with the dark green and hang tennis memorabilia on it. Old wooden tennis racquets make for a great wall/ shelf display.
  5. Basic sports theme: Should you opt for a more muted sports theme then simply get quilts and pillows with prints of the sport that interests you; for e.g. ball shaped pillows. Even a team logo or player number can be framed on the walls. Curtains and walls too can represent team colors. If the room is occupied by two childen then each can get their side of the bed uniquely painted in the different colors of their favored teams.

No matter what type of sports takes place of prominence in your home, take as much inputs from your kids so that they can enjoy the room they helped put together! It will be one that not only reflects their love for sports but also their personalities.

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