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How to build a whole home audio system on a budget: a roundup of options

Looking to set up a whole home audio system? Check out our tips on how to create a home audio system without breaking the bank.

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4 top home automation technologies you can’t live without

You’ll definitely want to consider these 4 home automation technologies in your home to save yourself a lot of time, energy and money.

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Be safer, buzz smarter: video camera doorbells

Video camera doorbells let you know who’s knocking, no matter where you are. Stay safe with this smart tech.

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Setting electronics ground rules with your toddler

At 16 months old, my son sent an email. It was just a series of random consonants, but what astonished…

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How to use home tech to stay ahead of the curve and make life more convenient

Advancements in smart security, heating, lighting and entertainment devices serve to make life at home more convenient.

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Prepare for BBQs and outdoor parties by automating your backyard

Automate your backyard to turn summer BBQ’s into a breeze. Connect your outdoor spaces to enjoy music, entertainment and more.

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DIY Smart Automation: Bathroom

A smarter bathroom will help make every morning a little less of a chore.

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One tablet to rule them all: the pressing need for a ‘smart’ home control center

Learn why we need to control devices from a smart hub and not just our smart phones. Central automation can improve daily life.

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