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Best iPhone Apps for Home Automation and Maintenance

Welcome to the new hyperconnected home! With more appliances and devices getting the digital treatment, a whole lot of our…

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Clearing an Overgrown Yard: How to Get Results Without The Work

A well-kept lawn is many a homeowner’s pride and joy, but what looks like a smooth, natural patch of grass…

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How to Build a Whole Home Audio System On a Budget: A Roundup of Options

A house filled with music is a happier place. I know this for a fact. Since we picked up a…

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Interior Design: Alter Your Home with a Vintage Look

Changing the interior design of your home can refresh your mind and can help you fall in love with your home…

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The Coolest Extra Features Found in LED Bulbs

For the last hundred years or so, incandescent bulbs were considered good enough to provide light for homes and offices….

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Damaged Driveway? 4 Tips For Quick Driveway Repair

Driveway damage often raises questions in a home owner’s mind. Home owners often wonder whether a patch up, resurfacing job…

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4 Modern-Day Advancements to Fulfill Your Cutting-Edge Kitchen Dreams

Nowadays, the smart home phenomenon is happening in every part of the home. And the kitchen has become the backdrop…

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How These 5 Future Trends in Home Connectivity Will Change Everything

“The Internet of Things has already revolutionized many human activities, and the next sector to feel that is home connectivity.”…

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3 Smart Devices to Start Your National Hobby Month Off Right

January is National Hobby Month, folks. And that means it’s time to dive into that new hobby you’ve always wanted…

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