Smart home technology you’ll see at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

Nicole George
Nicole George
Dec 4, 2018

The first (CES) took place in New York City in 1967, and since then, thousands of new tech products that have changed our lives have been announced annually. Products like 4K TV, Blu-Ray, Microsoft Xbox, CDs, the camcorder and more premiered at CES. Today, we’ll explore some of the companies who may introduce new smart home technology at the 2019 CES on January 8-11, 2019.

Smart home technology being shown

In 2019, technology from basic security monitoring to smart window coverings, entertainment systems and lighting will all be featured by a variety of companies at CES.

FIBARO smart home systems

FIBARO will likely show off their new, award-winning product Smart Implant. The device allows you to turn pretty much any product at home into a smart, wirelessly controlled device. It works by connecting to a home device’s primary functions so you can change volume, turn the device on or off, etc., from your FIBARO app.

Why is Smart Implant a big deal? It means customers can keep and control older home appliances, like your favorite record player, VCR or coffee maker, without having to buy new “smart” versions of these home products.

FIBARO makes a variety of smart home devices so you can create an automated home. With one of their smart home systems, you can control your entertainment system, lighting, window shades, home security monitors and more. Plus, FIBARO systems give you tons of “if this, then that” program options and work with all major voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

Ring smart home monitoring systems

This summer, Ring released its complete home security system, which includes a home alarm, a keypad, a motion detector, a door sensor and an alarm range extender.

Ring will likely show off the complete home monitoring system, which is unique to the market because of how easy it is for a homeowner to set up on their own, the affordable price and its compatibility with any Ring device as well as Amazon voice assistants.

Ring also introduced The Free Neighbors App, motion-activated lighting, the Stick Up Cam and a variety of other home security products this year. The Ring video doorbell has been popular for years, so it’s exciting for customers to check out Ring’s expanded line of smart monitoring devices.

Dogness Group smart pet products

Dogness will likely show off five new products it released in August in Shanghai. Dogness already sells a couple of smart pet devices collars and harnesses. While not yet sold by Dogness, the following five products could be used to make caring for your pets simpler and more efficient once they come out.

  • The Smart iPet Robot: The iPet Robot lets you watch, interact with and play with your pet from anywhere by using your phone or tablet to control the robot.
  • The Mini Treat Robot: You can watch, hear and feed your pet treats by controlling this miniature robot with your connected device.
  • The Smart Cam Feeder: Holding a little over 6 pounds of dry food, you can monitor your pet’s eating habits and make sure your pet stays on its feeding schedule using this smart dispenser and its built-in camera.
  • The Smart Fountain: The water dispenser filters water for your pet and circulates water for optimal freshness.
  • The Smart Cam Treater: This smart treat dispenser is a small box with a camera so you can monitor your pet’s behavior during the day or at night with night vision, but also talk to your pet and give it a treat by controlling the Smart Cam Treater with your phone or tablet.

FIBARO, Ring and Dogness are just a couple of the smart home technology exhibitors you’ll see at the 2019 CES. Other impressive smart technologies that consumers can check out at the 2019 CES include EyeSight in-car driver monitoring and gesture recognition powered by deep learning AI, First Alert smart home safety products, Sengled smart lighting products that you can control with your voice assistant, Simplehuman smart trash cans, sensor mirrors and soap pumps and many other smart equipment creators.

Things to remember as you shop smart home products

As you introduce and integrate smart technology at home, you’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • Wi-Fi network security: Certain smart home devices can easily be hacked and allow unwanted network breaches. If your equipment relies on Wi-Fi, consider hard-wiring it instead (like Ring’s Stick Up ethernet camera option) or making sure the device alerts you when it gets bumped off your internet network.
  • Ability to integrate devices: Certain smart home products don’t pair well together. You might not be able to control every device in your home using the same app or control hub. As you shop, consider what products you’ll want the most for your home and with what systems they’re compatible.
  • Your personal privacy: For equipment that can be controlled with your voice or listens to humans and pets in your home, make sure you’re aware of the product’s data and privacy policies. These devices hear, store and use your information in a variety of ways, so consider how you’ll be using smart devices at home and when to turn them on and off.

You can choose from a growing variety of products to make life easier and more efficient every day. From improving the lives of seniors at home to maximizing energy efficiency, smart home technology will continue to change the way we interact with each other and the world. It’s great to start thinking about which smart home devices you want to take advantage of now!