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Smart home security habits are more important than ever

BY Allconnect | Tue Jun 09, 2015
Smart home security habits are more important than ever

The summer is the right time for family reunions, camping trips and theme park vacations. Unfortunately, along with the promise of summer fun, the season brings with it greater risks of homeowners falling prey to burglaries. According to data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rate of homes victimized by burglars has seen a consistent rise during the summertime, at times as much as 11 percent, compared to the rest of the year.

That’s why it makes more sense than ever to prioritize improvements to your home’s security system. There are a multitude of ways to accomplish this goal, and multiple security vectors to consider, so make sure to take stock of your current defenses before getting started on upgrades. Ramping up protection during the summer ensures your property won’t get caught up in this year’s influx of breaking and entering.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to make your home safer.

Keep vacation plans under wraps to avoid baiting criminal
Sometimes its difficult to keep vacation details off of social media. After all, what’s the point of having a news feed and status bar if not for sharing the highlights of your summer? The downside to posting your upcoming summer plans online or sharing your travel pictures in real time is that the information draws attention to your home as a potential target for a burglary.

It’s hard to know for sure who has access to your social media accounts – a stranger gazing over your shoulder while you access Facebook at a public computer could quickly learn when your family will be out of the house in the coming months. In addition to thinking twice about sharing your vacation details online, be sure to remind your kids to consider the dangers of broadcasting their location to social media. It takes a family effort to keep the home safe from online vulnerabilities.

Locate a licensed professional to avoid a summertime scam
Criminals are well aware that security is a bigger issue during the summer, and look to prey on the good sense of consumers to empty their pocketbook each year with door-to-door or phone call scams. The American Association of Retired Persons warned homeowners to watch out for sales people who claim to be your local home security company has gone out of business. This ploy is used to goad you into paying for a new contract and sharing personal financial information – both scenarios that could lead to long-term losses for those unlucky enough to fall victim to this unscrupulous practice.

The risk of running into corrupt home security professionals emphasizes the importance of using online resources to vet and evaluate a company before paying for installation. Doing your fair share of research will ensure you end up working with a trustworthy home security professional who can show his or her credentials without issue.

Deploy DIY technology for extra protection
You can enjoy extra peace of mind by going above and beyond the solutions installed by your security company. A bit of creativity and targeted investments in DIY technology allows you to reinforce the defenses set up by professionals. For example, are you worried about a vehicle being stolen from your driveway? Consider placing a motion detector on the front seat of your car – a thief won’t be able to move the device without alerting you to their presence and this acts a reliable deterrent.

You can also use make a few cosmetic adjustments around the home to increase security during the summer. Adding additional lighting and cutting down your shrubs before it gets too hot outside are just a few ways that you can make your perimeter less appealing to burglars.

“Home security systems let you account for multiple safety risks.”

Minimize a long list of other potential security threats
Investing in a high-performance security system from your trusted provider can help you protect your family and home from summertime risks and opportunistic criminals. The high temperature of summer makes fires more likely to occur, especially in arid environments where kindling is plentiful. New home security systems are typically designed with fire detection in mind, allowing homeowners to account for multiple safety risks at once. These systems are often built with carbon monoxide detection as well.

Another way that home security systems can help you beef up security during the summer is by adding home monitoring to your household. This feature will ensure that there are always eyes on your interiors while you are on vacation. Investing in around-the-clock protection also makes it more likely that your belongings might be recovered after the burglar has come and gone. Considering the risk of burglaries is at its highest during the summer, it makes sense to do everything you can to make your household more secure.

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