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DIY Smart Automation: Man Cave

BY Allconnect | Sat May 23, 2015
DIY Smart Automation: Man Cave

Man caves, often retrofitted dens, attics or basements, are spaces dedicated to the man of the house and his favorite hobbies. For some, the room is simply a place to kick back and enjoy some time in front of the TV to dig into the more obscure channels included in the cable bundle. Others dedicate the space to crafty activities like model building or social events like poker nights. Whatever the angle of your personal man cave, integrating a bit of home automation technology will help you add new functionality and conveniences to your favorite space.

“A bit of home automation is key to taking your man cave to the next level.”

High-tech plugs help you automate almost anything
One of the simplest, and most cost-effective, ways of adding a touch of automation to your man cave is via a smart plug. These high-tech devices are a great entry point to home automation for newcomers, providing a degree of Wi-Fi assisted control over a wide range of consumer electronics found in your man cave. Using a smart plug, your devices can be controlled with your smartphone app or a compatible automation hub of your choice. A bit of experimentation with a set of smart plugs could help you operate every important device in your man cave with a few swipes of your thumb.

Make your smart TV even smarter
Smart plugs won’t be enough to fully automate every piece of electronics in your man cave, but that doesn’t mean you can’t network these devices to your automation system as well. For instance, CE Pro pointed out that third-party developers are constantly developing solutions for adding app-control and greater Wi-Fi functionality to popular items like the latest generation of smart TVs. The right upgrade will make it a breeze to control your smart TV from your smartphone and adjust the rest of the devices in your man cave directly from the big screen.

Change the temperature with just a word
Gizmodo pointed out that the latest automated thermostats boast Wi-Fi functionality, intuitive mobile apps and other high-tech perks that can help make your man cave more comfortable than ever. Top on the list of recent innovations include voice-operation and versatile scheduling features. Adding a new automated thermostat to your man cave will ensure that the space is always operating at a comfortable, efficient temperature. Better yet, you’ll never have to leave your seat to mess with the thermostat ever again.

Keep your cave under automated lock and key
While many man caves are tucked in an attic or corner room, others are set up in basements and backrooms with exterior doors. In cases where your man cave can be accessed from the outside, perimeter security is doubly important. Thankfully, there are plenty of smart security solutions that you can use to keep the expensive pieces of equipment in your man cave safe from harm. CNET pointed out that top rated automated deadlocks can offer the dual purpose of preventing entry and providing real time data over the Wi-Fi network.

Automation enhances your man cave by connecting your favorite devices.

Secure your cave with a backup hub
While a reliable Wi-Fi connection is at the heart of every man cave’s entertainment and automation systems, this is just one way to set-up an automated home. Investing in a back-up hub is a smart move when regular fluctuations in Internet speed begin to compromise how well your automated man cave operates. Furthermore, taking this extra precaution ensures that your man cave is still operational even if your high-speed Internet connection is on the fritz.

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