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DIY Smart Automation: Bathroom

BY Allconnect | Mon May 25, 2015

Living rooms and kitchens are ideal spots to start your first round of DIY automation projects. But what about after you’ve taken care of the obvious spots to install Internet of Things gear? The wireless router provided by high-speed Internet providers sends its signal to every room in the house, after all. Why not take advantage?

“The bathroom often goes forgotten when discussing home automation upgrades.”

One room that often goes forgotten in regards to automation upgrades is the bathroom. Updating this important spot in your home with Internet of Things capable devices is a smart move. There are plenty of key advantages, including a bit less anxiety during the morning rush and improved energy efficiency, to giving your bathroom the home automation treatment. Take advantage for the following tips as starting points for your next DIY project.

Update bathroom lighting in a flash

One of the quickest ways to save money, add convenience and reduce energy consumption in any room is to upgrade the lighting. Smart lights can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day, controlled remotely via a phone or tablet and are often equipped with the latest energy saving bulbs. Energy Star pointed out that these bulbs can reduce electricity consumption by up to 90 percent.  These extra features make it easy to ensure all the lights in the bathroom are shut off when the room is not in use – a practice that helps to eliminate energy waste.

Take advantage of tiled acoustics

You might find yourself singing along to music as you get ready to go to work and notice that your voice sounds a little better in the shower. The bathroom is often one of the best places to listen to music and try out your own vocals, so it’s not surprising that there are plenty of audio-based automation upgrades that can help amp up your bathing time, according to USA Today.

Internet of Things-capable speakers, for instance, can be installed in a bathroom but controlled from a hub located in another part of the house. This set-up would make it easy to play tunes from your phone or iPod without worrying about the dangers of leaving your smartphone lying around in the bathroom.

Utilize motion detectors where possible

Another inexpensive and easy-to-implement piece of IoT technology to consider for your bathroom is motion detectors. By networking motion detectors to other pieces of equipment, such as bath fillers or automated faucets, you can program your bathroom to instantly start drawing hot water as soon as you enter the bathroom during the morning. Motion detectors can also be used to switch fixtures in the bathroom on and off without having to reach the light switch near the door.

Automation helps you spend less time in the bathroom and more time living life.Automation helps you spend less time in the bathroom and more time living life.

Streamline your morning routine

You can get the most value out of your high-speed Internet connection and IoT-powered upgrades by linking them together for greater conveniences. For instance, a motion detector set near your bathroom door could be programmed to start your shower and turn on your morning playlist automatically. Likewise, your bathroom’s speakers could be programmed to only play music for a few minutes, ensuring you don’t spend too much time in the shower and helping you to be as efficient as possible in the early hours of the day.

Those homeowners willing to think outside the box and get creative when it comes to implementing DIY equipment will ultimately get more for their buck. The potential energy savings and conveniences of a streamlined bathroom may even encourage some homeowners to choose the bathroom for their first automation project.

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