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Small Home Tips: How to Make Better Use of Your Space

There’s no reason for you to feel claustrophobic in a small home. There are many ways to visually expand the space you have. The square footage in a room does not always determine how spacious the room feels. An exceptionally large room can feel claustrophobic if the room looks cluttered and chaotic or if the color scheme is one that visually shrinks the room. A small room can feel spacious, airy and refreshing if you implement some of the following small home tips for making better use of your space:

Start with the Walls

Our first small home tip is to start with the walls. If you feel cramped in a room, you might wish that you could push the walls to extend the space or remove a wall to make the room larger. For situations where those ideas are not an option, painting the walls is an effective way to visually expand a room and maximize your living space. White is often suggested as a paint color that makes a room look and feel spacious. A good alternative to white is a soft gray. Cool colors such as blue and green give the illusion of receding walls which visually expand a room. A monochromatic color scheme gives a room a clean, crisp appearance which results in the space appearing larger.

Diversify Lighting

Our second small home tip is to change up your lighting. A single light source, such as a ceiling light, can cause you to feel claustrophobic in a room. Your eyes tend to focus only on the small area of the room that it illuminates. Adding a variety of light sources to a room can make it feel more spacious. Dark corners can come to life and visually increase the size of a room when you add wall sconce lighting to that area. A tall floor lamp is also a great way to illuminate a dark corner. You can use mirrors and lights together to create the illusion of space. A mirror on the wall, a mirrored tabletop or a collection of mirrors used as decorative accessories will provide a surface for light to reflect off of thereby making the area around them seem larger. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have one impressive or flamboyant ceiling light, table lamp or pendant light in a small room. Any of those lighting options could be an impressive statement piece in a room design.

Organization is Key to Spaciousness

Our third small home tip is to get organizing! It doesn’t matter how large a room is, if it’s filled with clutter, it can feel small and claustrophobic. Clearing the clutter is the first step to creating more actual space in a room. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to how to begin organizing a cluttered room. While a lot of the items that contribute to clutter within the home can be discarded or donated, there may be some items that you’ll want to temporarily store. Removing them from your home can make a big impact on how spacious your home feels.

Furniture Choices and Placement

Our last small home tip is to think about where you’re putting your furniture. There’s a lot of information available regarding the benefits of dual-purpose furniture in a small home. You can implement some of these ideas to acquire more physical space in a room, but there’s more you can do to create visual spaciousness. Choosing furniture with reflective surfaces such as mirrored furniture, glass top tables, silver lamp bases and shiny accessories will make the room look larger. Tables with an open base allow light to flow through which makes the space seem larger. Arranging the furniture so that there’s an easy flowing traffic pattern will keep the room from looking cramped. Opt for a more creative pattern that simply pushing the furniture up against the walls.

Hopefully, the above steps will help you to transform your home and help you feel like you have more space than what you may actually have. After all, all it takes is a little time and some carefully selected home décor items to create a room that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Guest Author Bio: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. To help you maximize your living space, Hannah recommends Extra Space Storage.

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