Simple Signs Your New Neighborhood is Safe: A Drive-By Guide

BY Allconnect | Thu May 24, 2018
Simple Signs Your New Neighborhood is Safe: A Drive-By Guide

We know that the safety of you and your family is a top priority, especially when moving to a new area. Sure, you can do a quick internet search to determine the quality of a neighborhood, but there’s nothing like getting a first-hand look for yourself. Moving to a new area? We’ve put together a list of signs to help you determine the safety of your prospective new neighborhood from the comfort of your vehicle.

Active Pedestrians

Are people out and about? Do you see joggers, dog walkers or people pushing strollers? If so, you’ve successfully identified a good neighborhood. When other people are comfortable walking around their neighborhood, you should feel comfortable, too.

Parks, community centers and other areas for neighborhood bonding

Good neighborhoods typically include plenty of areas for community members to gather. You should be able to easily spot churches, public parks, playgrounds and other gathering places. Normally, these areas are an indication of a strong community bond – that people feel connected to one another and enjoy relaxing and sharing space.

Bustling business

What’s a straightforward way to tell if a community is going places? If you can determine that its local businesses are thriving. “For Sale”, “For Rent” and “Liquidation” signs are obvious clues as to the status of a business – but it also doesn’t hurt to check out how many customers are stopping by. A healthy community has the ability to support local businesses. So, if you notice a lack of there of, the community may have a larger problem at hand.

Well-kept yards and homes

Have you ever driven through an area with trash scattered everywhere? Where bikes and children’s toys litter lawns and grass is so overgrown that it looks like a scene out of Jumanji? This is can be a clue pointing towards a neighborhood in peril. Be on the lookout for orderly yards, clean porches and well-maintained paint jobs. Ask if your potential new neighborhood has a homeowner association.

Good public infrastructure and clean, walkable areas

Are the sidewalks clean of trash? Do the roads seem intact, free of potholes and broken street lamps? If so, you’re in the clear. Up-to-date public infrastructure is one of the quickest – and most obvious – ways to determine the safety of a neighborhood. If the local government cares enough to keep the public’s basic, everyday environment in good condition, they are more likely to care about the safety of their community, as well.

Bonus: Looking for more ways to boost your family’s safety?

Once you’ve moved to your new neighborhood, have a security system installed into your home. You’ll be able to relax in knowing that you and your family are protected, whether you’re out on the town, vacationing or unwinding at home. To get more information on which security brand suits you best, you can visit to compare and contrast home security companies based on price, contract terms, installation and more.


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