Selling your home in the age of technology

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Nov 05, 2015
Selling your home in the age of technology

Many home-sellers now forgo the services of a real estate agent as they are able to widely publicize their property online at minimal cost. Even home owners who choose to use a real estate agent can expect the details of their home to reach a wider audience via online real estate websites.  It is no doubt that the Internet has certainly raised new possibilities for homeowners looking to sell their home.

Naturally attracting viewings is only half the battle as your property must then appeal to prospective buyers in person, if you are going to achieve a sale. In the modern era it isn’t just the state of your décor or the lack of parking that can put off buyers, it is also the speed of your broadband.

Selling Your Home
With the plethora of TV programs dedicated to the subject, we are all well aware of what we can do to enhance the chances of selling our homes and achieving the best possible price. We know that we must improve the curb appeal of the property, decorate in neutral tones, demonstrate the purpose of every room and feverishly de-clutter spaces, but now there is something else to worry about. If you want to get the best possible price then you must have access to impressive broadband speeds.

The Power of Broadband
More and more aspects of our lives are reliant on the internet and that includes activities in the home. Streaming services for movies have become an integral part of home entertainment, more and more people are working from home at least part of the time making internet access essential. An impressive kitchen or a sizeable garden may have been top of house buyers’ wish lists until now but speedy broadband is rapidly becoming the top pick making properties lacking a fast connection worth up to 20% less than comparable homes with superfast broadband. Many buyers now see decent broadband as a necessity rather than a luxury, slow broadband can devalue some properties as badly as if they had structural issues.

New Property Listings
The issue is becoming so important that moves have already started to include broadband speed in property particulars. Rightmove, a property search website, has become the first to add broadband speeds to listings and others will surely follow on quickly. With huge disparities between broadband speeds in the US some areas could find themselves blighted by their service. This would be a problem that no amount of decorating and garden tidying would solve. With some regions benefitting from speeds three times those of less fortunate areas there could be trouble ahead for those trying to sell.

Postcode Lottery
This is an issue which isn’t going away. The importance of broadband to the householder is only set to increase and the subject could be the first one on viewers’ lips as they cross the threshold to view a property, if indeed they bother to go without checking first. Whilst it is still important to present the property in the best possible light, to decorate, freshen up, de-clutter and clean, today’s house buyers have more on their mind than paint color and carefully chosen home accessories on display. They want fast broadband.

Guest author bio: Stefanos Anastasiadis. Stefanos works as an iconographer for Byzanticon and is also loves blogging in his free time on home improvement, interior design and art.

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