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Security Advice for a Residential Garage

BY Allconnect Inc | Mon Nov 28, 2016
Security Advice for a Residential Garage

If you have recently moved into a new property and have some concerns about the level of security your existing garage provides (because you store lots of high value items inside) then there are lots of measures and precautions that can be undertaken in a bid to keep your valuables safe from the hands of criminals and trespassers looking to make a fast buck.

Lets take a look at 5 of the most effective improvements in terms of security benefits you may wish to consider in a bid to keep the space safe and secure at all times. 

Security Lighting

With the majority of criminal activity taking place under the cover of darkness it is essential that the area surrounding your garage is well lit during the night. With lots of options available on the market ranging from a simple lighting system operated via a timer through to sensor lights triggered by movement. Regardless of your preferred design the addition of exterior lights to the property will reduce the chances of a criminal being able to carry out their activities unseen or concealed from view thus reducing the chances of your home being targeted in the first place.

Window Shutters & Grilles

Does the garage feature side windows designed to let light enter the garage and provide ventilation of the building? If so this can prove a weak point in terms of security and as such it is common for a criminal to try to gain entry through this opening. As such in order to prevent any kind of targeted attack to this vulnerable area of the building an extremely simple solution is to install either a roller shutter or fixed security grille. In either instance the addition of this form of strong, robust and durable physical security solution will thwart the efforts of all but the most determined of criminals. 

Additional Locks

If the garage has a side access door to enable pedestrian access or is attached to the main part of the house and there is an integral door that provides passage inside the residence it is strongly advisable to add a high security lock to the door if one is not already fitted. If this is not possible then the addition of sliding pad bolts and padlocks will prove just as effective.

Garage Door

As the largest structural opening within the building it is essential the garage opening is well protected and secured from the threat of criminals. As a result the addition of a high security garage door will provide an effective means of restricting access inside the building whilst giving the exterior look of your property a facelift. Whilst they are not cheap to purchase and install, a garage door only needs replacing once every 20 years or so think of it as a long term investment and it may make bearing the burden of the purchase a little more bearable.

With lots of options available on the market ranging from the simple side hinged design through to vertically operating sectional doors there is sure to be a style to enhance the look of any property at a price you can afford. Please be aware however that when selecting a garage door it is recommended that you speak to a few specialist companies to see what they offer as not all doors offer the security rating you may be looking for.

Rising Bollards

So, you have gone to the expense of adding a new garage door, security lighting, roller shutters and also added additional locks to side doors but what happens if all these precautions have been completed but the criminal still gains access? Well if you have an expensive sports car the answer may well be you wake up one morning to find it gone. However, with the addition of a rising bollard fitted in front of the garage opening any attempt to drive the vehicle away will be thwarted by the heavy-duty barrier blocking the opening.

In conclusion the creation of a secure garage is not achievable through one security aspect alone. Layered levels of defence will prove far more effective at every level of criminality, be it the opportunistic thief being put off by security lighting through to a more determined criminal who will try different areas of the building looking for its weakest point. So if you have recently moved to a new home and need to beef up security why not take heed of the advice detailed above, call in a local specialist contractor who can provide tailored advice and guidance on the best way to protect your garage and you too can have the peace of mind that your family, your home, your valuables and your vehicles will remain safe and secure at all times of the day or night.

This useful article offering help and advice relating to residential garage security has been compiled on behalf of Roller Doors Ltd, a leading industry supplier of physical security solutions for the home.

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