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6 tips to protect your residential garage

BY Taylor Gadsden | Wed Feb 20, 2019
6 tips to protect your residential garage

The modern household garage has many uses; in fact, it is becoming increasingly rare for this area of a home to be used to store cars. For many people, the garage is used to store personal possessions and equipment that don’t have a natural place within the main living space of a property.

If you’ve recently moved into a new property and have some concerns about the level of security your garage provides, there are many precautions that you can take to keep your valuables safe.

Take a look at six of the most effective security improvements you may want to consider.

1. Set up a garage security camera system

There are now a number of home security kits on the market that give people everything they need to successfully install a garage camera system. However, far too many systems are left to record endless hours of footage and are only accessed after a crime has taken place. It’s now possible to disrupt intruders before valuable items have been taken, as the leading modern security systems use the cloud and can be accessed remotely, usually from a smartphone.

These security systems connect to the internet and allow you to view live footage from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Sophisticated systems can send notifications when there’s an intrusion via phone call, text message, email or mobile app. In some cases, the local police may also be automatically notified by monitoring centers.

2. Add security lighting

The majority of criminal activity takes place under the cover of darkness, so it’s essential that the area surrounding your garage is well lit during the night. Advancements in smart home technology have given homeowners options when it comes to security lighting, with systems on the market ranging from a simple lighting system operated via timers to sensor lights triggered by movement.

Regardless of your preferred design, the addition of exterior lights to the property can reduce the probability of an undetected theft.

3. Install window shutters & grilles

Does your garage feature side windows to let some light in and provide ventilation? If so this can prove to be a weak point in terms of security and can act as a common way for criminals to gain entry.

In order to prevent any kind of targeted attack on this vulnerable area, you can install either a roller shutter or fixed security grille. The addition of this form of strong, robust and durable physical security solution can thwart the efforts of all but the most determined of criminals.

4. Invest in additional locks

If your garage has a side door to enable pedestrian access or is attached to the main part of your house, it is strongly advisable to add a high-security lock to the door if one is not already fitted. The addition of sliding pad bolts and padlocks will prove just as effective if you’re unable to install a high-security lock.

5. Secure your garage door

As the largest structural opening within the building, it’s essential that the garage door is well protected from the threat of criminals. Installing a high-security garage door can be an effective way of restricting access whilst giving the exterior look of your home a facelift.

A good, quality garage door should only need replacing once every 20 years, so think of it as a long-term investment. Before you buy, speak with a few specialist companies to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

6. Install rising bollards

The idea of rising bollards may seem like a bit of a stretch for a residential property — that is until you awake one morning to find that your fancy new sports car isn’t quite where you last left it. Retractable or rising bollards can act as a heavy-duty barrier to keep your belongings where they belong. The addition of security lighting, roller shutters, new locks and a new garage door may prevent threats from coming in, but rising bollards in front of your garage door could be a great way to prevent valuables from leaving the premises.

A standard garage is often an easy route into the home for a criminal, so it must be secured and protected as well as the rest of the property. A secure garage is not achievable through one method alone. Layered levels of defense are your best bet when it comes to security threats. For more information on the best ways to arm your home and garage, speak to an expert at Allconnect® today.

Originally published 11/28/16. Last updated 1/07/19.
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