Be safer, buzz smarter: video camera doorbells

Jul 5, 2016

Luckily, for us, the devices that let us know folks are at our doors have advanced so much in recent years. First, there was the knuckle knock, then came the metallic door knocker, then the doorbell followed.

Today, we have video cameras embedded in smart doorbell devices that mount to our front door frames. And the smarter these devices become, the safer we can feel about opening our doors only to the folks we want inside.

They ring you, then you view them

More than simply being a one-way peephole through the front door, these video camera doorbells allow you to view whoever’s knocking on your door from far away, with the ease of an app on your smart device. Keep reading below to learn more about three of these smart home security devices and all the benefits they can bring to your door.

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, Version 2.0

If an unexpected visitor should ring your bell – but you’re all snuggled up with your cat on the sofa far away – you’d want to know if it’s worth getting up for, right? Well, with this doorbell, you can do exactly that.

The SkyBell is the only Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell with an “on-demand” feature that allows you to see out of the camera at any time – whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. When a visitor presses the button, the SkyBell automatically sends you a live video feed so you can see, hear, and speak to the person at your door from any iOS or Android mobile device.

It also has an advanced motion sensor that sends alerts and video to your smart device even when a visitor stands on your doorstep but doesn’t press the button. And, beyond that, even if no one is near your door, you can always access SkyBell’s video camera at any time from the app – allowing you to see from the front of your house like you were standing right there yourself.

The smarter these doorbell devices become, the safer we can feel about our homes.

SkyBell attaches to your transformer for full-time power, replaces your current doorbell by connecting to your home’s door chime, and syncs securely to your home’s Wi-Fi network. And with the “Do Not Disturb” mode, you can even turn off your home’s doorbell chime remotely from the app.

This is a great feature for keeping the babies asleep, not being bothered during family dinners, and more. Instead, you can set the doorbell to send a notification to your phone only, without actually ringing the bell inside your house. Made in the USA, the SkyBell also features a checkbox to toggle between a high or low contrast setting for more favorable lighting; infrared illumination for night-vision viewing in darker situations; a wide-angle camera; and a weatherproof, plastic exterior to maximize Wi-Fi performance.

You also have the option to hold a button to talk with a visitor at the door, or to take a picture of them and save it to your device. In the end, after about 10 minutes total of hardware installation, the SkyBell will help you look forward to getting visitors, instead of being a grinch hermit when people dare approach your doorstep.

The Ring Wi-Fi-Enabled Video Doorbell

Let’s imagine that you’re in the backyard, doing some gardening. A neighbor walks up and buzzes you, but you can’t hear the doorbell chime, simply because you’re nowhere near it. With the Ring Video Doorbell, however, you don’t ever have to worry about the being that rude neighbor again (well, unless you want to avoid the bothersome, old lady who lives down the street). The Ring Video Doorbell is the world’s first battery-operated, Wi-Fi enabled, HD-video doorbell.

The device enables you the homeowner to see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world. It works by streaming live audio and video of your home’s front doorstep directly to your smartphone’s free iOS or Android app. Live video is only available when someone triggers the doorbell’s built-in motion sensors (which detect movement up to 30 feet away) or when a visitor actually rings the doorbell. And with the built-in night vision, your visitors are still visible even in the dark.

Moreover, the device stores all the recorded, HD video footage to the cloud, which you can access at any time via the Ring app. The Ring Doorbell is quick and easy to set-up since it mounts and syncs in minutes. Its built-in, rechargeable battery is the simplest way to power it, but you can also feed it electricity via the trickle charge of your home’s existing doorbell wires. You’ll also want a strong, Wi-Fi internet connection near your doorway (with 2.4Ghz, 802.11 b/g/n compatibility) to ensure the highest quality transmission of your video.

For the sake of aesthetics, the device is available in Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and White. It also comes with a lifetime purchase protection so that, if your doorbell gets stolen, The Ring will replace it – for free.

August Doorbell Cam

Remember the last time you went on a quick business or getaway trip and needed someone to stop by and take care of your pets? And do you also remember the hassle your friend caused when he forgot the key to your home? Well, with the August Doorbell Cam, whether you’re upstairs, at work, or away on vacation, every time someone rings the bell, you can see and speak with visitors via your smartphone, from wherever you may be.

You’ll enjoy extra peace of mind with instant notifications each time the doorbell cam detects motion from visitors, thereby identifying every person at your door. The one-way, HD camera gives you a clear view (in true colors) of your visitors from your smartphone, while still ensuring your privacy. The audio quality from the speaker is loud and clear, and the whole device is easy to install – quickly replacing your existing doorbell. Oh, and its appearance is pretty trendy as well, making it both functional and elegant.

Now we’ve written about the benefits of the August Smart Lock in the past, and this doorbell cam is crafted with that same quality and dedication to technology. And, when combined with the August Smart Lock, after you’ve seen who’s come knocking with the Doorbell Cam, you can then choose to unlock or lock the door from afar as well, either letting your visitors in or making sure your home is secure.

The other advantage of the Doorbell Cam is that it will act as the communication bridge between the two, immediately saving you $80 by not having to buy the August Connect device. As a smart device company, August has one of the most proactive software teams making regular, incremental changes to improve your devices. They then easily send the updates over the internet, making your devices some of the safest on the market. And with these August devices, that situation with the friend coming over to pet sit while you’re far away – that’s one less thing you no longer need to worry about.

So the next time your doorbell rings unexpectedly, give yourself the ability to check the door remotely. Whether it’s the friendly neighbor you’d like to see, the annoying salesman you’d like to avoid, or an unwanted intruder you’ll want to call the cops on, these video camera doorbells will give you some extra time and space to make the smartest choice on how to handle what’s behind your front door.