Restoring right: Tips for reviving your home after winter

BY contributor | Sun Feb 15, 2015

Tips for Reviving Your Home After WinterSpring is a busy season for families, as many get proactive about their cleaning and maintaining their home. The days become longer and the weather gets warmer, and it becomes time for every homeowner to take a look at what will keep their bills down, protect their property, and prevent any major problems in the coming months. Take a look at these tips for spring revival.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

While direct sunlight will begin to damage paint or make the colors fade, colder weather and moisture takes an even bigger toll. When the weather begins to warm up it is a great time to apply a fresh coat of paint to siding, decks, trim, outdoor furniture, and sheds. If the paint has begun to peel badly, a scraper can be purchased for almost nothing, and will pull away strips of paint that are lifting away.

Check for Roof and Gutter Damage

Most homeowners will want to hire a professional for any roof repairs, but a basic inspection of the roof and cleaning the gutters are simple jobs. Owners should look for any shingles that have become skewed, or signs of damage such as stains from rusting. The gutter should be completely cleared out and water can be run through the chutes to remove any clogs.

Clear Away Snow and Standing Water

If there is any lingering snow, it is time to get out the Toronto snow blowers and clear it away. Hitch City says standing water and excess moisture will damage almost anything it comes into contact with, including the foundation of the home, driveways, and sidewalks. Preemptively removing snow drifts and standing water may help owners avoid thousands in water damage.

Cut Back Foliage

Most bushes, trees, and plants will not grow quickly in the colder months of the year, but owners should still double-check their property for any excessive growth. Removing dead limbs and trimming back branches is a great way to improve the plant’s lifespan during the spring and summer. It is also important to clear away debris from HVAC systems, sidewalks, pipes, and electrical wires.

Clean AC Coils, Filters, and Condensers

Every heating and cooling system should be serviced at least once a year, but owners can improve the efficiency of their system by simply cleaning coils and condensers as well as either washing off or replacing filters. These few simple steps will help you prepare your AC system for the summer and avoid any major changes to your energy bills.

The wind, snow, and colder weather is sure to have done at least some damage to your home, but when the weather warms up, homeowners can get out and restore their home quickly and affordably with these simple tips.

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