Restore the harmony in your home by decluttering

de-clutter your new houseGuest post by John Stone.

We’ve all been there: between work, rest and play time, our homes can sometimes get too messy and disorganized, and before you know it, you may find yourself jumping over obstacles and picking your way across untidy floors. Regular upkeep is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t solve the problem of accumulated clutter, which is why a thorough cleaning is something everyone should try and fit into their to-do agendas at least twice a year. If you want your house or apartment to truly be your safety bubble and not a piled-up landfill, we have some simple tips and ideas for you on how to do away with useless clutter, restore balance and harmony in your home and organize your living space with minimum stress, time and effort.

De-clutter time: Sort out the necessary from the redundant

It’s a fairly common problem: many people tend to cling to used or unnecessary items in their households longer than they should on that ancient assumption that various bits of clutter ‘may come in handy sometime’. Guess what? You probably won’t need that broken doorknob, chipped china set or the high school jacket you last wore three years ago any time soon – if ever, that is.

In order to reduce the untidy loads taking away your precious storage and living space, go through your closets, pantry, attic, garage and basement and throw away anything you haven’t used for over a year. Or, gather all the stuff that’s still good to use and organize a garage sale – that way, you’ll be saving your storage space and earning money in the process too.

Be a Good Samaritan

Better yet, if you have a lot of old clothes or shoes or whatever else someone less fortunate than you might have a use of, instead of throwing it away or leaving it to rot in dust, mold and dark, consider giving it away to charity.

By donating to charity you behave in a socially responsible way and help those in need, and it will certainly also help you clear out the closet packed with old stuff you never got to use. Pass on the love, even if it’s rendered in unused gifts and presents – someone will appreciate the thought and make better use of your clutter than you.

 Out of sight: Outdoor storage options for modest hoarders

“But I can’t throw away everything I’m not using on a daily basis”, some clutter-addicts may complain. Actually, you can, but that doesn’t matter. If you want to hold onto some of the items you haven’t used in ages for fear of needing them as soon as you leave them next to the closest dumpster, you may consider getting your some outdoor storage.

Tool or bike sheds, gear cabins and portable storage solutions like foldable shacks are a convenient and cost-efficient way to take your seldom used belongings out of sight but still have them around your property should the need for them arise. If you really have a lot of stuff you need to store away, another option is to consider getting a container shelter, provided that you have enough available space in your backyard to place it.

Cleaning out your home and restoring its balance and harmony is not an easy task, but it is beyond doubt necessary unless you want to wake up one day under a pile of clutter. You don’t actually need everything you own and the sooner you figure that out, the better and more harmonious your home will be. Throw away broken or dysfunctional items, store some gear outdoors and turn your house or flat into a home fit for a king – after all, we all deserve to live in a clean and tidy environment.

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