Stressed over your Thanksgiving Day football fest? These smart home tips can help!

Thanksgiving is a day when many of us look forward to spending time with family, eating a great meal and watching good ol’ American football.  But have you ever paid so much attention to cleaning, cooking and making family feel welcomed that you were barely able to enjoy the day yourself? No one wants to do chores when there are memories to be made. This year, take a few tasks off your plate by using these Thanksgiving tips.  

With the turkey holiday quickly approaching, now is a great time to make a Thanksgiving checklist. A few strategic investments in smart home technology around the house can reduce the amount of time you spend running around like a headless chicken (or turkey).

Smart home checklist

Wireless speakers

Want to be the host with the most? Have a great setup for guests to watch (and listen!) to Thanksgiving football. Packing every family member into the living room is not always conducive for socializing, but this smart home tip makes it a cinch to make the game watchable in every room.

Connect the home’s speaker systems to the entertainment system to broadcast audio in every room. Instead of packing everyone into the living room, this strategy allows all football fans to follow the game.

2019 Thanksgiving football schedule

Voice controlled DVR 

  • Xfinity’s X1 remote allows you to use voice commands to search channels and set your DVR. 
  • DISH has a voice-activated remote that is compatible with Google Assistant. 
  • DIRECTV has a free app that essentially turns your smartphone into a voice-activated remote. 

Motion sensor lighting 

Turning off lights in unoccupied rooms can help manage the electricity bill but, monitoring the light switches in every room of the house while hosting guests is a huge hassle.

Replace your light bulbs with Bluetooth-enabled, LED lighting and link these lights to your smart home platform. Set a schedule to ensure lights aren’t left on after everyone heads to bed.

Additionally, you can use a lighting schedule as a home security measure. If the holiday spirit carries your party to another venue, lights on a timer can make it appear as if someone is still at home.  And install motion detectors in high-traffic areas to save electricity.

Smart locks

Keyless electronic door locks, or smart locks, allows guests to let themselves in without compromising your home’s security. Much like switching lights on and off, running to the door every time a visitor arrives can be a huge distraction. Instead, give guests a “friend code,” which allows temporary access to your home. Of course, make sure they’re not handing out codes to strangers and disable them once your guests are gone.

Smart thermostats

It may be impossible to keep Grandma happy at the same temperature as turkey-indulgent Uncle Fred. But ensuring that the majority of your guests are at a comfortable temperature is easier than you think. 

A smart thermostat can link the central heating and cooling systems to respond to outdoor temperatures and inputs sent from the home’s motion detectors. Your home will automatically regulate the temperature without you having to step away from the pumpkin pie.

Many cable and TV providers offer home automation systems to let you control your thermostat from an app on your smart device. Cox Homelife, for example, lets you control the temperature and lights, plus view live video feed of your home.

Smart kitchen appliances

“Hey Alexa, make coffee!” can be your morning greeting in the new world of smart kitchen appliances. Imagine shaving off precious minutes of extra prep time by being able to tell your oven to preheat or adjust the slow-cooker temperature from your smartphone. 

Link smart appliances together to display and store recipes on the fly. According to Forbes, “[LG’s smart oven] will also be integrated with the smart fridge so that you can send a recipe from one to the other.”

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