Reduce energy use and pollution by switching to natural gas

BY Allconnect | Mon Aug 18, 2014
Reduce energy use and pollution by switching to natural gas

An out-of-control utility bill can put a huge dent in a household's budget. As a result, savvy consumers are always looking for new ways to minimize their fuel costs. Many homeowners are considering alternatives to electricity as a means to save cash. NBC News reports that nearly 40 percent of Americans are considering a switch to gas-powered stoves and furnaces. Homeowners can potentially save even more by switching their entire house to natural gas.

Natural advantages
The properties of natural gas offers multiple advantages as a power source over electricity. Homeowners can save big over electricity by simply taking advantage of natural gas versions of popular appliances. Gas stove tops burn more efficiently than their electric counterparts. Likewise, gas water heaters raise water temperatures more quickly than electric-powered heaters and this efficiency translates into palpable savings. For example, homeowners can save nearly $1,700 by operating a gas-powered furnace over an electrical one, according to NBC News.

Low impact
Natural gas power is also the obvious choice for homeowners who prioritize green living. The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that natural gas boasts several sustainable advantages over electric power. First and foremost,  the consumption of natural gas releases half the total carbon dioxide and a third of the nitrogen oxides released by burning other fossil fuels. The process to produce natural gas power also requires significantly less water than burning coal for electricity.

Ease of storage is another edge that natural gas holds over other fossil fuels. Crude oil is corrosive and so storage of the fossil fuel is rife with failure. The prevalence of underground storage tanks puts nearby ecosystems at risk for contamination. Natural gas storage poses no threat to the environment and consequences of oil contamination will be reduced as the market continues to adopt natural gas alternatives.

Easy installation
The Energy Information Administration expects gas prices to remain stable throughout the year so homeowners are in a prime position to make a switch. Several government agencies and utilities provide rebates for families installing natural gas appliances too. One of the most convenient opportunities for homeowners to install gas-powered appliances is during or after a move. Families can easily coordinate new utility hook ups while they schedule visits from internet and phone service providers.

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