Quick fix: How to get your sink back to full power in no time

BY contributor | Tue Feb 10, 2015

Quick Fix How to Get Your Sink Back to Full Power in No TimeGuest post by Brooke Chapman.

Dealing with low water pressure in a kitchen or bathroom sink in your new home can be extremely frustrating. When your sink is not operating at full power, simple tasks like shaving and washing dishes can become much more difficult. Take control of the situation by restoring the power to the sink you rely upon each day. The following suggestions for quick fixes can allow you to bring your sink back to life quickly and easily.

Determine the Problem
There are many different reasons your sink may be having difficulties with water pressure. If there are no problems with the pressure throughout the rest of the home, then a good place to start is to check the aerator screen. You can gain access to this device by unscrewing it from the end of the faucet directly at the front of the spout. When this device has been cleaned and unclogged, you often see a considerable increase in water flow.

Too Many Faucets

Many homeowners experience this problem directly after completing a home remodel in which additional water fixtures were added. According to Sherwood park plumbers, the increased demand for water often decreases the water pressure in the home overall. This problem can be remedied by installing a larger main pipe that brings the water from the city line into the home itself. While this job is within the reach of experienced homeowners, it is recommended that an EZ plumbing Inc professional plumbing or heating service be called in so it is completed with as few complications as possible.

Boost Your Power
It is not unusual to find the water pressure in general tends to weaken in the home over time. In this case, you are likely to find you are lacking power in several faucets. This problem can be addressed by installing a booster pump in the line that runs to the problem faucet. Again, it is a somewhat straightforward install for an experienced worker. However, the professionals can install the hardware quickly and efficiently.

Complete Build-Up Removal
The aerator screens on the end of faucets may also require thorough cleaning that extends beyond scrubbing. Consider soaking the parts in a solution that is equal parts vinegar and warm water. You can also get results by soaking the piece in a commercial calcium remover overnight in order to remove severe buildup of minerals.

Examine the Faucet Head
There is also a cartridge element of the fixture that must move in order for water to flow freely through the head. This element often becomes stuck or malfunctions. You can investigate and clean this component by removing the faucet head using the screw directly beneath the fixture, under the sink. When the faucet is removed, the cartridge should be clearly accessible and open. If the part appears damaged or dirty, then clean the casing and remove all the accumulated debris before replacing the fixture.

These problems represent some of the most common roadblocks for sink water pressure. They are easily remedied with cleaning and a few simple hand tools. However, more serious problems involving interior plumbing and the main water supply to the house should involve the help of professional plumbers.

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