How to stream your favorite shows for free: Watch anywhere using your cable subscription

Nina Rodríguez
Nina Rodríguez
May 23, 2019

More and more, we consume our content on the go. Gone are the days when we gathered exclusively around the TV. Now, we’re just as likely to watch a show while we’re walking across the street — please, for your own safety, don’t do that — as we are to view a program in our living room.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite sports live while you’re on the road, or simply want to experience your shows wherever you are, there are some great options. If you’re already subscribed to a cable provider, we’ve got the keys to help you get more of what you already pay for. And for all you cord-cutters out there, we’ve also got you covered!

Streaming providers for cable subscribers

Did you know that many people have streaming services along with their bundle contracts and don’t even use them? If you have cable, you should take advantage of each of the services your monthly fee includes.

When you have a TV subscription, you may have access to many of the TV Everywhere services. You will need a watch TV app so you can access their content, depending on the network channels you are paying for in your TV package. Just check what is the best app for you to take advantage of these additional services.

Be aware that to stream the content you want on the go, you’ll need to download each provider app. Most of them work in both iOS and Android devices, and some of them might even be compatible with tablets.


With the AT&T U-verse app, you can stream live, On Demand TV, manage your DVR and more on your phone and tablet.  You can access the content by watching U-verse online and with the U-verse app. This app also supports Apple Watch!


The Cox Contour app allows you to watch rented and purchased movies on your mobile device. And lets you filter the programs that appear on your guide. Once you are away from home though, you only get a limited number of channels.


With the DIRECTV app, you can manage your Genie DVR (HR44 or better), use it as a remote and control your TV with your Apple Watch. If you subscribe to channels such as HBO® and Cinemax® you will be able to access them on the go.


With the Dish Anywhere app, you can access the TV guide and manage your DVR. Also, you can transfer the recordings from your Hopper DVR with Sling into your phone and watch them offline.


Frontier TV Everywhere app lets you manage your TV Guide, but you can’t use it as a remote control or to access your DVR content. This app is compatible with iPad, so you can watch your favorite entertainment on a bigger screen than your cell phone.


With the Optimum TV to GO app, you get access to most of your favorites anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also use it to manage your DVR, schedule shows for recording and get recommendations too.


With the Spectrum TV app, you can program and manage your DVR when you’re on the road. You also have access to approximately 40,000 On Demand movies and shows when you’re away from home, but streaming live TV is only available in-home.


Xfinity Stream app gives a great amount of flexibility to Xfinity TV customers. Not only do you get to stream live TV and sports while you’re away from home, but you also get to manage and download your DVR recordings, even if you’re offline.

Stream anywhere now

Now that you know some of the options to help you stream TV anywhere, reach out to our experts to find the TV providers available in your area.