Prepare for BBQs and outdoor parties by automating your backyard

Jun 25, 2015

There’s nothing like a relaxing BBQ or lawn party with family and friends to usher in the beginning of summer. If you’re looking to do regular entertaining over the summer months, think about upgrading your yard with a touch of home automation. Not only will the upgrades make your next BBQ that much more impressive, but also minimize the hassles of entertaining loved ones and acquaintances.

Automation technology has come a long way in the past few years, and The Huffington Post noted that consumer products geared toward outdoor connectivity are finally showing up in stores. Check out the following backyard automation tips for ways to turn your next outdoor party into an event your friends will never forget.


Expand your options with outdoor Wi-Fi

One of the first steps you can take toward making your backyard smarter and preparing for the perfect high-tech summer BBQ is to add Wi-Fi connectivity to your outdoors. Most of your guests will be checking their smartphone often, and making it easy to stream video or check email can help make your guest feel more at home.

Expanding Wi-Fi connectivity to the outdoors is also essential if you’re interested in controlling automated devices in the backyard directly from your smartphone. Extending your high-speed internet signal will ensure automated devices and your smartphone can connect successfully.

TecHome Builder pointed noted there are several outdoor wireless access point brands to choose from. Some options are designed to be mounted on rocks and blended into the scenery, while others operate directly from an outdoor outlet. The choice really depends on the aesthetics of your backyard and your grand vision for a fully automated lawn party.

If interested in creating a tropical getaway in the backyard, for example, you may want to hide automated equipment in foliage. Alternatively, you can immerse your guests in technology by proudly displaying the equipment throughout the patio.

Add a smart entertainment system to your patio

Nothing goes together with burgers and hot dogs like live sports. That’s why it’s a no brainer to consider a smart tv and automated speakers for your high-tech backyard makeover.

By networking these devices together via an outdoor hub, you can adjust the channel and volume from anywhere in the yard with a few swipes on your phone screen. This added convenience makes it easy to entertain guests, manage the game, play DJ and even find a few moments to enjoy your own party. If you plan on hosting multiple game-day viewing parties this summer, then these electronics are a must-have investment.

Increase security and visibility with a single installation

The latest automated home security systems can help make managing your summer parties a little easier as well. More and more Wi-Fi-enhanced doorknobs and doorbells deliver live video feeds directly to smartphone screens. The ability to observe who’s knocking, answer the doorbell and unlock the door from your smartphone will be a big help in limiting the amount of ground you have to cover in order to do your job as a host or hostess.

In addition to easing the burden of managing a garden party, automated home security offers extra peace of mind to any family interested in hosting several events over the next few months. After all, home invaders are quick to notice events like weekly gatherings and will plan around these distractions in order to zero in on your valuables.

Beefing up your smart home security further with automated surveillance cameras preempts these threats by deterring criminals from targeting your home in the first place. Taking these steps will mitigate any unwanted attention your backyard might get once your friends and neighbors start visiting on a routine basis.

Enhance your existing light fixtures with new functionality

Automated lighting is a must for your high-tech patio, but going all-in on a new set of lights may not be the most economically sound strategy for the summer.

Electronic Home Daily recommends that you meet yourself halfway by purchasing an outdoor plug adaptor. These nifty devices allow you to connect non-automated devices to your home’s central control hub. Investing in a few of these devices will help to solve your lighting problem – just plug in your favorite fixtures to your new installed plug adaptor and you’ve got a new set of automated lamps.

Lighting isn’t the only outdoor electronic that you can bring to life with a plug adaptor. Outdoor fans, humidifiers, electronic shades and more can be hooked up and automated with the right number of adaptors and a hub with flexible software. It may take a bit of trial and error, but with the right finishing touches you’ll be able to design a BBQ set-up that mostly runs on its own.