How to Prepare for a Storm: 4 Things to Do Beforehand

BY Kristen Fowler | Wed May 24, 2017
How to Prepare for a Storm: 4 Things to Do Beforehand

The temperatures are beginning to warm up, and weather during this time of year is highly unpredictable and often volatile and dangerous. Many homeowners are planning projects around the house, doing spring cleaning and getting ready for seasonal sports for their children. Often they are completely overlooking the projects they could be doing to help prepare for a storm, which happens all the time during the spring and summer. Here are four tips for how to prepare for a storm this season:

Give Your Gutters a Thorough Cleaning

When you prepare for a storm with high winds and heavy rain, you’ll want to make sure your gutters are clean. Gutters overflowing with rain is a great way to sustain water damage to your home. In addition to water damage, clogged gutters being hammered with rain can get quite heavy and rip right off of your roof. Finally, clean gutters allows heavy rain to roll off of your roof and be evenly dispersed on the ground.

Look for Roof or Siding Problems

Another thing to do to prepare for a storm is hire a licensed contractor, roofer by trade or a handyman to take a look at your roof before storm season or as soon as possible before a storm hits. Whoever you decide to hire should be looking for possible leaks or missing shingles, and they should repair any damage they find to prevent water damage inside the home. A professional who advertises waterproofing services could be a good option as far as these details go. Also, it is a smart idea to look for loose siding and reinforce it. Loose siding can fly right off in bad storm with high winds.

Maintain Your Property’s Trees and Shrubbery

Spring is the perfect opportunity to get rid of weak and dead branches from trees and large shrubs. It is also a good idea to trim large and especially heavy branches hanging over your property. During a storm with high rain and winds is the perfect opportunity for a branch to come crashing through a window or fall on your roof and damage it. You should check trees around your property regularly to avoid problems in the future.

Get rid of Any Small or Medium Sized Rocks Used for Landscaping

To prepare for a storm, it would be a good idea to swap out gravel or rock landscaping close to your home with bark or something light. High winds during a storm will not cause many problems with very light shredded bark. On the other hand, if you keep gravel or rock as landscape and a storm with high winds hits, you risk doing damage to your home, especially the windows and glass doors if you have them.

Careful preparation and planning will not always save your home from damage due to the wrath of a bad seasonal storm, but it can minimize damage and save you money on home repairs.


Guest Author Bio: Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family. She recommends Rite-Way Waterproofing for your home’s water-proofing needs.

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