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What is the right age to give your child a smartphone?

Yes, this can be a tricky — and sometimes touchy — subject. But here’s what the latest research says and what you should consider for your family.

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Choosing the best cordless phone for your home in 2019

Trying to decide on the best home phone for your needs? We’ve got you covered!

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What to expect when you’re moving Spectrum service

Moving is hard, but shifting your Spectrum services doesn’t have to be. Find out how you can transfer internet, TV and phone to your new address and what it’ll cost.

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DISH goes all in on 5G: How the satellite TV company wants your wireless bill

The satellite TV company has spent billions on wireless spectrums over the past decade. It looks like it’s finally be ready to start using it.

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FTC launches crackdown on ‘tens of billions’ of robocalls made each year

The new “Operation Call it Quits” is being run by the FTC and its law enforcement partners. It includes 94 actions targeting operations around the country, and new advice for consumers.

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What you need to know about internet phone service

Learn more about internet calling, the pros and cons, which providers offer it and why it may be right for you.

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Will your city get 5G in 2019? Verizon reveals 20 more areas getting the revolutionary network

Verizon also revealed the eye-watering $1400 price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the first handset with 5G capabilities built in.

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The hidden Xfinity fees on your bill (and what they really mean)

Shocked by the high cost of your Xfinity bill? Our Xfinity bill translator will help you understand what those confusing fees really mean (and why there are so many of them)

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Emergency communication: cell phone vs. landline phone

Find out how landline phone service can be your biggest asset in emergency situations.

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