Keep Americans Connected gets disconnected — Find out which providers are still lending aid during the pandemic

Taylor Gadsden

Aug 9, 2020 — 2 min read

What’s next for internet subscribers as “Disconnection Day” looms? Find out which providers are extending pandemic assistance measures.

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In March 2020, home service providers committed to the Keep Americans Connected Pledge, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) collection of assistance initiatives aimed at keeping subscribers connected to TV, home phone and, most notably, internet service. 

The pledge was intended to last for 60 days and eliminated internet provider policies like monthly data caps, subscriber-only Wi-Fi hotspots and termination of service due to missed payments. However, around mid-April, the FCC and over 750 carriers agreed to extend that date to June 30.

Now, that expiration date has passed and the mass disconnection predicted by many (Disconnection Day) hasn’t quite shaken out as previously assumed.

So, what’s the latest?

Some providers have extended measures of their disconnection plan. AT&T will continue to waive overage charges through September 2020 for existing fiber and DSL internet customers. Others have opted for policy changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Comcast Xfinity has increased their monthly data caps from 1 TB to 1.2 TB per month. Typically, subscribers would be charged $10 for each terabyte over the limit they’ve gone. Now users can exceed their monthly allowance one time before they are charged.

Providers like Cox Communications are rumored to have continued to disconnect subscribers despite signing the pledge and committing to an extension.

Cox representatives re-emphasized their promise to “work with customers affected by COVID-19” and directed subscribers facing service termination to “call first thing.” Verizon Communications has also directed subscribers to contact customer support after facing service termination scrutiny.

Interested in what your internet service provider is doing to assist customers during COVID-19? Bookmark our Resource Center to get provider updates.

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