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How to Spot a Propane Leak

A leaky propane tank is both dangerous and expensive, but it can be hard to pinpoint leaks.

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Tips for setting up a home network with cable internet

Routers, modems, Ethernet, what does it all mean? This article will include a basic step-by-step guide to help you and your family members get connected now.

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4 reasons to keep a landline phone

Keep your home phone connection to stay safe, get more reliable calling service and more! Learn all the benefits of keeping a landline.

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How to set up internet parental controls

After moving and setting up your high-speed Internet service, one of the first things you should do is set up parental controls.

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How to Choose the Right Internet Speed

We are now in the day and age where having internet in your home is a necessity and not a…

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Is it Worth it to Drop Your HSI for a Mobile Hotspot?

Data usage is now a big area of concern as more companies are turning to online applications and resources as…

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On-Demand Viewing Options: Amazon Prime is Launched

We are heading into a Golden Age of TV, though you probably would never guess that judging by how much…

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What Exactly Counts As Broadband?

It was recently announced that The National Broadband Plan is aiming to ensure that 100 million American households are connected…

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How to Keep Your Garage Safe with a Security Camera System

The modern household garage has many uses; in fact, it is becoming increasingly rare for this area of a home…

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